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Winner Wednesday: June 5

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It’s official! You’re halfway through the week. Give yourself a high-five, then give these Omazers a virtual high-five because it’s #WinnerWednesday!

She’ll be Chris Hemsworth’s VIP at the MIB: International premiere! Click here to watch Devon find out she won.

She met Sophie Turner and the X-Men cast at the Dark Phoenix premiere!

He’ll meet Mariah Carey backstage at her show in France!

She’ll explore the rainforests of Borneo with National Geographic! Watch Inge’s reaction here.

He’ll fight ghosts with Dan Aykroyd & Ernie Hudson at Ghostbusters Fan Fest! See the good news unfold here.

He’ll hang with Arnold Schwarzenegger at his house in LA! Check out Bruno’s amazing reaction here.

He’ll stay in the iconic Cinderella Castle Suite!

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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