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Winner Reveal: Liam Payne

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Give it up for Jethro T. from Cape Town, South Africa, who’ll get lunch with Liam Payne in Malibu and hang with him in the studio! We can’t wait to hear about all the (midnight) memories he’ll make.

As a boy band member himself, Jethro has always admired and hoped to meet Liam: “They [One Direction] influenced a lot of what we are and were a band to look up to in terms of what we wanted to achieve. I think I’ve watched “This Is Us” 100 times! It really gets me motivated to achieve my dreams… I just feel super privileged to have the opportunity to chat to him and pick his brain on the music industry. I know I’m going to gain so much from meeting Liam, in terms of getting advice and learning from his experiences!” Watch Jethro’s reaction to finding out he won below.

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