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Winner Recap: April 2015

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April was a huge month for Omaze! John Legend, Justified, The Simpsons and the Milwaukee Bucks all made some serious dreams come true. Check it out:

John Legend is performing at Allen and Cindy’s wedding!

Donations supported The Show Me Campaign.

Allen and Cindy - Wilmington copy

Kathy will watch the Justified finale with Timothy Olyphant, Walton Goggins and Joelle Carter
Donations supported the Lory Titelman and Ruth Hershey Fund & Harlan County Boys & Girls Club.

kt work pic

Carl will get a Springfield makeover when he’s drawn into an episode of The Simpsons!
Donations supported New York Collaborates for Autism.


Tom is going pro and signing with the Milwaukee Bucks for a day!
Donations supported New York Collaborates for Autism.



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