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Winner Experience: Get Pizza with Robert Downey Jr.

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Pizza is always amazing—and in the company of Robert Downey Jr., what could be better? We got all the details from Amelia’s day in New York.

How was it?
It was so cool and so much fun. We were really nervous about meeting him, but it was like the most relaxing part of the whole trip, he was so nice.

We rode over to the Tonight Show and first went to the the VIP lounge for awhile. Our seats for the show itself were great! It was an awesome view for the puppy races that were that night, which was honestly one of the best parts with all the puppies there.

After the show taping ended we went straight to the Tribeca Screening Room. It was just the three of us in the room with really good pizza. He brought us toothbrushes, too. So we had the pizza, hung out for awhile and then we all went to the bathroom to brush our teeth.

Omaze-9   Omaze-6

Wait, you brushed your teeth with Robert Downey Jr.?!
Yeah! He made a joke about brushing our teeth before we started eating. Then later he was like, “Alright, do we want to brush our teeth now or after the photo shoot?” We were like oh wow, you really do have toothbrushes for us! The pizza was garlic and onion so it was actually a good thing he had them.

What did you guys talk about?
The puppies! And how we got to hang out with them backstage at The Tonight Show. Our pets too, because he has a lot and my sister just rescued some ducklings right before we left. He was telling us about his son’s band, too. We’re from Madison, WI, and they’re actually having a show there soon, so he was telling us all about that and trying to find the venue out for us so we could try to get to it.

What was the photo shoot like?
We saw all the props and he started setting up stuff right away so we could have different options for each photo. He knew exactly what he wanted. Most of his directions were for facial expressions and saying things like, “Okay this one’s smokey,” or “This one is sultry.”

Omaze-4    Omaze-5

After we finished they took us downstairs and we found our seats in the theater for the screening before anyone else got in there. Once everyone was in, he did a little intro to the movie telling us more about the charity from his perspective.

Your highlight of the whole experience?
Definitely the pizza and photoshoot! It was really nice to meet someone famous that you really like, and to see that they’re actually a really nice person and interesting to talk to. He was just as cool and awesome and he seems!


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