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Winner Experience: Meet Chris Pratt on the Set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

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Already love Chris Pratt? Get ready for your heart to burst. Our winner Kate and her daughters Lexie (15) and Allie (11) told us all about their day on the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 set, and it sounds awesome. Kate, Lexie and Allie even made a video about their experience—stay tuned for photos!

How was it?!
Kate: Oh man, it was just one incredible thing after another. We got to see some really cool stuff, like costumes and props, and we picked their brains a little bit on the behind the scenes stuff. Everybody was super nice and treated us with open arms, lots of hugs and congratulations. Everyone on set knew we were the winners or were quickly told by Chris himself. We met Zoe Saldana and she even had little notes for both my girls. Inside the card it said “Welcome to the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 team, congrats! Hope you enjoy your day on set.” She even signed it as Gamora and included an iTunes gift card. When she came over, Lexie had asked if she did her own stunts. She said she tries to and we should all be queens and tackle whatever comes our way—she was just such a great role model for my girls. We were just like oh my god, you’re so awesome!

Then, we got to meet Tom Holland, who was in Captain America: Civil War, and was just visiting the set. It was his birthday too, and he was just all around super awesome and immediately gave us all hugs. We got to meet James Gunn, and then Chris was just the epitome of nice. Everyone was telling us how he’s the nicest guy to work with. Every bit about it was awesome. I’m still pinching myself to remember that it’s real.

What kind of stuff did you talk to Chris about?
Kate: Oh god, everything. He asked what the girls want to be when they grow up. Lexie is all about being a cardiologist and Allie wants to be an artist or author. He then listened to all of her stories, which was really cool. What came across was how genuine he was. He was really engaged which was incredible. I just fell in love. Allie got to ask Chris a bunch of questions too.

That all sounds awesome! What questions did you ask, Allie?
Allie: I had a list of questions for him on my phone! I asked him everything from, “What is the hardest emotion to act?” to “How did you feel when you saw the finished GOTG movie?”

Kate: She started asking away. Then Chris was like, wait a second, this isn’t fair, if you get to ask question, I’m going to ask questions too. So they traded off questions. He’d ask what’s your favorite subject in school, what’s your birthday. It was just so cool and he was so friendly.

Lexie: He was sooo cool.

Kate: Lexie was jumping up and down in her spot because she was so overwhelmed at that point. He saw and just wrapped her up in another hug. I don’t even have enough adjectives to describe it all, there are no more words.

Was there one highlight moment that really stood out?
Kate: Yes! But we can’t talk about it! All that we can say is that anyone who’s waiting for this movie is not going to be disappointed. I mean, there’s a lot of incredible stuff that’s coming down. Everyone needs to go watch it because it’s going to be super cool.

Highlight that we can talk about? Definitely meeting Chris! And the surprise of Tom Holland being there. We couldn’t take our phones out on set because of all the top secret stuff, but we got pictures with the costumes, the props, with Chris, James Gunn. Chris even gave us full sized movie posters and he signed them with a personal note. We couldn’t hug Zoe because she was covered in green for her full Gamora outfit and didn’t want to get it everywhere.

Lexie: I think he’s a great guy. When we were all at lunch he asked us if we had sunscreen on.

Kate: When he asked I realized I had totally forgot to pack it in my excitement and he had someone run to his trailer to go get sunscreen for them. It was so surreal, like, “what just happened?” But thank you Chris Pratt for not letting my daughters get sunburnt.

What are you going to tell your friends back at school?
Kate: We’re actually playing hooky for them right now for a “family obligation.” People on set were joking that they were going to call the school and be like, “Guess where Lexie and Allie were today!” We can’t tell our friends anything we saw that’s plot related! What’s going to be really cool is when we go see the movie and can be like, “Oh, we saw that part,” or, “We know about that part.” That’s when the bragging rights will really come in.

What’s the one word you would each use to describe the whole experience?
Kate: Magical
Lexie: Amazing
Allie: Imaginary

Anything you want to say to Omaze community?
Kate: Chris was honestly so grateful for all the donations. It truly went above and beyond his expectations. Everyone who donated did such great work, and just everyone who donates to every campaign. You’re all doing some good in the world. It’s just a really cool thing to do.

Lexie: You’re helping others who can’t get that themselves and helping them by pushing for something better. And it just feels good to help something bigger than yourself.

Kate: You could be in our shoes one day. And in the meantime, you’re doing a lot of good.


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