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Winner Experience: Zip-Line with Brooklyn Decker

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How many people can say they soaked up the beauty of the San Gabriel Mountains while zipping through the air with Brooklyn Decker? Kenneth P. from Fall River, MA can. He won this once-in-a-lifetime experience and lived to tell the tale.

How was it?
It was an awesome experience. I had never zip-lined before, and doing it in the San Gabriel Mountains with Brooklyn Decker made it even more amazing.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.00.46 PM

Were you nervous?
I remember being nervous about the experience, but when it happened I wasn’t scared or nervous at all.

Give us one word that sums it up.

What did you tell your friends about the experience?
They were surprised that I won and all wanted to call dibs as my guest. I told them it was an unforgettable experience and if they wanted their own, they should go to and donate.

That’s awesome. We appreciate it! Can you tell us something memorable that Brooklyn did?
It’s more what Brooklyn said, which was, “Get a sweatshirt.” I thought California would be hot, but it was really cold up in the mountains. Brooklyn saw that my friend and I were shivering so we bought souvenir hoodies! She was very nice and took photos and selfies with everyone, including the staff at Big Pines Ziplines.

What did you think of zip-lining?
The zip-lining was really fast—one went 55 mph and it left me a little short of breath!

What was the most unexpected part of the day?
The most unexpected part of that day was doing a backwards free fall on the last zipline, which I really loved.

Thanks, Kenneth! And thanks to all of you who supported Sierra Club Outdoors.


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