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Winner Experience: Yoga Weekend with Rachel Brathen

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Glorimar might have won our most zen experience yet: a weekend yoga retreat on the Aruban beach with Rachel Brathen. From private stand up paddleboard lessons to beachside mimosas, our winner left feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take home Penny Lane, her goat.

So, how was Aruba?
Overall it was a very, very good weekend. We were so excited to learn more about the foundation (109 World), meet Rachel and see what she’s been up to. 109 World needs all the help they can get, so we’re just trying to help get the word out to different people from different perspectives. They greeted us with two baskets of goodies and we just hung out in the village that first night. It was really nice just to talk with Rachel and the 109 team.


How was the first day?
I loved it. We started with a private yoga class. It was hard, but really good. Then we went to this really good vegetarian restaurant. They also took us to this nice beach that wasn’t crowded at all and even brought one of the dogs with them too. It was cool.


What about paddle yoga?
The next morning they picked us up early and we went to paddle yoga. I loved that. The instructor was really nice and very patient. I was excited I didn’t fall! Not that it would have mattered with the water being warm, but I did not want to fall. It was early, and the beach was so calm. It was awesome, just a great experience.


What was the highlight of the weekend?
Brunch at Rachel’s house is definitely one of them. Brunch was very, very, very good. Pancakes and bagels, the whole thing. Really good mimosas. The house was really nice, too. We hung out with her pets and got to meet Penny [the goat] which I was really excited about. We took her and the three dogs out for a walk, which was awesome—gave them food and water. I just wanted to take Penny home!


We’re so glad you had such a relaxing weekend stretching and brunching on the beach with Rachel and Penny. Thank you so much for supporting 109 World!


You can live the dream too!

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