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Winner Experience: Visit the Set of the Next Fast & Furious Movie

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Avery from Toronto, Canada had a fast and furious day on the set of the next Fast & Furious movie. Read on to get all the details from what he saw on set! (Well not ALL, because *spoilers.*)

So what was the set like?
When we got to set they were working on a cool fight scene. We got to see a stunt guy basically getting thrown repeatedly—just over and over again. I bet he was sore the next day, but it was a lot of fun. The set looked like real metal, but it’s actually wood that’s painted so skillfully it just looks like metal. That was really neat.

Then we walked around and got a tour of the whole film set which used to be an old fiber optics factory they converted. The camera operator let us take control of the camera between takes to show us how all the equipment works, which was really cool.

What was it like meeting the cast?
We met the cast during lunch and everyone was super nice. I think I’m most excited about meeting Ludacris! He’s really nice and I’m a huge fan of his music, so that was a great bonus. Nathalie Emmanuel from Game of Thrones, too! She was super sweet and talked to us for a while. We chatted with Vin Diesel for a few minutes, too, and got to see him next to his stunt double and stand-in. From far away you couldn’t really tell who was the real Vin, which was crazy!

Rumor has it their craft services tent is legendary. Did lunch live up to the hype?
I was shocked with how good it was. It was easily the best food we had on the whole trip! It was like a buffet, but everything was freshly cooked and delicious. We just stuffed our faces. They had a big freshly smoked brisket and a watermelon barbeque sauce. It was all just so delicious.

Was there anything that you didn’t expect?
Probably how long they spent on each shot.  It was my first time on a set, so I think that made it extra interesting. I had no idea what to expect. We were there for a full day, and what we saw being filmed probably amounted to about 30 seconds of footage. They’d shoot it, then fix anything, then reshoot it, move the camera angle and reshoot. They just do it so many times, that it really gave the impression that they all really take their work seriously. Even seeing the guys setting up the winter scene! It was the middle of summer in Atlanta and everyone is just dripping sweat, but there’s fake snow on the ground.  

What was your favorite part of the whole day?
Definitely just seeing how movies are made. I had just had no idea and had never been to a set before so it was just really cool to actually be there and see how different things are in real life. Everyone on set was super friendly too so we could ask anyone questions and they were happy to explain. I’ve always gone to see all the Fast & Furious movies in theaters, so now that I got to see some of it filmed I can’t wait to go see it once it’s out and be like, “I was there when they shot that!”

Glad to hear you had a blast, Avery. Thank you so much to everyone who donated and supported The Paul Walker Foundation!


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