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Winner Experience: Visit the Set of Veep

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Mark M. had the most presidential day on the set of Veep—and we promise that’s not an alternative fact. Read about his experience meeting the cast, getting a sneak peek of the sets and even getting tickets to a sold-out improv show!

How was visiting the set of Veep?
We had a terrific time. The cast and crew were very kind and generous and happy to have us there. Tim Simons had a golf cart and gave us a tour of the backlot of Paramount Studios. We got to see other stages, studios and streets in the back alley including Forrest Gump’s bench, which was fun.

You even got to see them film an episode. How was that?
Sitting in on the filming of Veep was great! We were seated with the producers, showrunners and the writers, so we were watching what they were watching and listening to their conversations. After a scene, they would talk about what they could do to make it funnier and make it even better. They’d send their notes to the cast and they’d redo the scene. It was great seeing that whole creative process and see it translate to what’s going to be on screen.

Let’s talk about the food.
We had lunch with Matt Walsh and the other cast and crew, which was fun. I was amazed by the amount of food they put out for lunch. It wasn’t your typical stand-up craft services table with tacos or something. It was fish, steak, chicken, and whole other room of salads, sides and desserts.

You’re making us hungry! What kinds of things did you talk to Tim and Matt about?
Oh gosh! With Matt, we talked a bit about the improv that he does, but I really wanted to know more about who would be helped through the Omaze fundraiser. We learned that Tim’s wife teaches at the Los Angeles High School of the Performing Arts and heard about the work that they do there. I learned about how they wanted to enlighten, education and lift up people in the community.

We also talked about the characters we liked and the storylines. For part of the tour, Tim showed us a sneak peek of the sets—stuff that they’re filming that hasn’t aired yet. It was fun to see the other sets and see where the story was going.

We heard Matt hooked you up with tickets to a show, too?
Matt Walsh founded an improv group, the Upright Citizens Brigade, and they have a theater in LA. He made a call and got us tickets to a sold-out show that was happening that night. When we left Paramount, we went to see the UCB show, which was a blast.

Anything you want to share with your fellow Omazers?
It’s worth it. This isn’t the first Omaze campaign that I’ve contributed to over the years. I’ve contributed frequently to different Omaze campaigns, never winning and never expecting to win, but still feeling good about it.You don’t do it to win. It’s one of those things where it’d be nice to win, but you’re really doing it to help a worthwhile cause.

So real people do win, and that’s great, but it’s a phenomenal thing helping worthwhile organizations in a very real way and then giving the rest of us an opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience is kind of a bonus.

Well that certainly sounds like a day that’ll go down in history books. We’re so thankful for your support to the Children’s Community School and LA High School of Arts and their work to inspire students to become active leaders.

You can live the dream too!

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