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Winner Experience: Visit the Set of Blade Runner 2049

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From Budapest and back, our winner Phillip and his wife had an unbelievable time on the Blade Runner 2049 set with Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. They bonded with Ryan over a long lunch and may have even learned some movie spoilers—but their lips (and ours) are sealed.

How was your trip?!
From beginning to end, amazing! Oh my gosh. Budapest is absolutely beautiful. Every single person we came in contact with was wonderful and couldn’t wait to introduce us to more people! And the set was amazing—they let us stay until they stopped filming at midnight.

What was it like meeting Harrison Ford?
He’s a very funny guy. He joked around with us and took a picture before he had to go back. The guy is a rock star.

And how was lunch with Ryan Gosling?
He spent an hour and a half with us and we got the opportunity to talk about why he got into movies and about our kids. Of course my wife wanted to know about The Notebook. We really got the chance to chat and connect with him. That part was absolutely wonderful. He made my wife’s day, her week, her birthday and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the time.

What was the highlight of the experience?
In May, we lost my wife’s mom. She had no desire to celebrate her birthday this year, no desire to do anything. Her birthday was November 2 and that same day we got on the plane to go to Budapest. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a better way to try to break her out of that slump than putting her at lunch with Ryan Gosling.

Do you think Blade Runner fans are going to be excited about this?
Yeah, I do. This movie isn’t a remake of the original, it’s a continuation and part of a larger vision of the original. And the set was incredible. Fans will love it because it’s something new, as well as ties into the original. And you’re looking at an all-star team.

We can’t wait to share photos once the movie is out and are so glad Phillip got to give his wife such an unforgettable birthday in Budapest. Thank you so much for supporting the Enough Project, Imerman Angels and The Hummingbirds Foundation.

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