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Winner Experience: Be VIP at Cyndi Lauper and Boy George’s Concert

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Just want to have fun? Get all the details of Joe’s celebrity sweepstakes experience dining with Cyndi Lauper and watching her concert with Boy George from backstage! Definitely a night he’ll remember time after time.

So how was it?!
It was The best time ever. There was excitement building up to it and I was pretty nervous because this was a big, big, big, big deal for me. I’ve been following Cyndi as a fan since I was 14, and that’s 32 years. I was trying to imagine how it would go, so we recorded a video showing my collection and whole Cyndi room and ended up being able to show her that video over dinner. She was really interested in it, too! At dinner it was Cyndi, her manager, her wardrobe/stylist, and her hair stylist. Everyone was very kind and helpful. They were genuinely really very interested in getting to know me and my partner—it was just a really good talk.

What else did you guys talk about?
We talked a little about why I kind of attached to Cyndi as a performer, she asked about my coming out story as a gay man at 17. She was really curious about the process and how that’s affected my family and how they relate to my current partner of 8 years. She’s very LGBT friendly, so she was really interested in my life, work—so it was great to share my personal story with such a big celebrity that listened and cared.

Aww, that’s awesome! How was the concert itself?
Of course it was amazing. I have seen Cyndi before many many times, but had never seen Boy George. I got to hear so many of George’s hits and that was wonderful, but also just to see Cyndi doing all of her new material before her new album comes out was amazing. We also got to attend the soundcheck before the concert which was a lot of fun. There was no one else really there except for David and I, so we kind of had our own private concert. It was really neat, I felt very VIP. One of the photos Cyndi shared on Facebook of the sound check you can even see us!


What did your friends say when you won?
My friends all know I’m a big fan and everyone was so excited. As I talked to more people about going on the trip, I realized I actually knew quite a few people who had also entered the contest! Everyone from my hair stylist, some of my friends, to people we met at the show. That was neat to realize this was a BIG deal.

Highlight of the whole experience?
My favorite part was having dinner with Cyndi. That is just truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s not something that would ever happen in real life. It was neat to see her just dressed down and very relaxed and chilled out. It was just really intimate and very relaxed. Something that I would have never imagined could actually happen.

One word to describe the whole night?
Unbelievable. Perfect. Just everything went swimmingly well and even things I couldn’t have even expected happened. For example, they gave us VIP swag bags, they let us hang out backstage, just a lot of little things. They showed us around and we got to see Cyndi and Boy George perform their finale from backstage. It was all just above and beyond giving us the extra experience in every possible way.

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Anything you want to say to the Omaze community?
Just thank you for entering the contest and donating! It all supported an incredible cause and winning was such a honor and privilege. To have the opportunity to connect with my idol in a way that I never thought would happen—it was just all around perfection.


You can live the dream too!

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