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Winner Experience: All Time Low

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Kassie is a huge All Time Low fan… and by huge we mean she’s loved them for more than a decade and has a tattoo inspired by the band! So it was extra special when she got to fly out for their Young Renegades Tour and meet the guys. Read on to find out what it was like for Kassie to hang out with her favorite band!

We heard you’re a huge fan of All Time Low. What was it like meeting them?

It’s hard for me to explain because I’m still thinking about how amazing it was. I’ve been a fan of All Time Low for 13 years, but I’ve never had a chance to meet them.

Even as I walking up to the venue, it didn’t seem real. It didn’t sink in until we met the tour manager and got our VIP badges and headed backstage. They had us in the GA floor area, and the tour manager came out and gave us All Time Low towels and guitar picks. Then, he went to the back to grab the band and it was really weird for me cause I was like, “Oh my god… they’re real people.” I was trying to maintain my composure, but they hugged me and I know my face turned super red. I was finally meeting my favorite band!

What did you guys talk about?

It was really great because it was more than just a, “Oh hey, nice to meet you,” type of meet and greet. We actually got to talk. We talked about how I’m from Baltimore and that I grew up listening to them. They thanked me for being there and supporting them.

How was the soundcheck?

It was like a private show. I didn’t realize it at the time, because I was so caught up in the moment, but it was just me on stage with the band performing songs that they would perform later that night.

And, of course, how was the concert?

I had a perfectly unobstructed view from the side of the stage. I couldn’t stop thinking about how this couldn’t have happened without Omaze. It was a dream come true. My face was hurting from smiling by the end of the night.

Anything else you want to share to fellow All Time Low fans in the Omaze community?

All Time Low was amazing. They’re genuinely nice people. And I donated because it was for a charity very near and dear to me. I knew that even if I didn’t win, it would go towards something I believe in and support.

Rock on, Kassie! Thank you all for supporting Lumos and their work to create a world where all children have the families they need and the futures they deserve.

You can live the dream too!

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