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Winner Experience: Teen Wolf

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Welcome to the pack Jocelyn! She got to visit the set of Teen Wolf during their final season and even filmed a scene for her walk-on role. Keep reading to know what it was like meeting the cast and see her full werewolf transformation.

How was your first day on set?
They got me into wardrobe right away. I went to the makeup trailer to get my hair and makeup done which was really cool because I got to talk to the people who make the cast beautiful.

They took me to set and went to the hospital to film the scene. I thought that was really interesting to see the process of how they film things because I want to study film, so it was cool to see how the director does everything.

What was it like being on set?
It was very surreal because I’m so used to seeing the set on my TV. To actually be there on set was really cool because I got to be a part of my favorite show for the very last time. I can’t wait to see myself on TV!

So cool! How was meeting the cast?
I met Dylan Sprayberry and I got a picture with him. He actually had already left, but then came back just to meet me, which was really sweet. He asked me what I was doing for my walk-on role and I explained it to him. I told him I gave him one of the hats that he got two years ago, and he thought it was really cool that he got to see me again.

Khylin talked to me about where I came from and how it’s awesome I came all the way from Chicago.


I met Holland the second day too and she was really sweet and gave us advice on where to go and eat. I also met Shelley and she was like the sweetest, most beautiful person I’ve ever met. I didn’t think I’d see her but I did, so that was a nice surprise.

Of course, I met Tyler Posey. He actually came to me on his skateboard which was like a dream come true. I got really excited because he told me he’s going to be making music after the show.


I also met Jeff Davis and he showed me a sneak peek of the last trailer for the series. He took me on a tour of his office and I got to talk to him about going to film school!

What were your favorite parts of the set?
Definitely seeing the tunnel which was so realistic and then Scott’s room. It’s like every teenage girl’s dream to be in Scott’s room. Going through the high school was also really awesome. It was surprising to see how small the set is because on TV it looks like a real school, but in person it’s just like one classroom and two hallways. It was really awesome to be there. I felt like I was in Beacon Hills.

What was the highlight of the experience?
Getting to see all the people who put the show together and seeing it all happen, to me, was really amazing. The crew and cast members were really sweet and humble. It was so memorable to meet everyone.

Anything you want to share with your fellow Omazers?
I didn’t think anything like this would happen and it did. I’ll cherish these memories forever.

Thanks Jocelyn for sharing your experience! Let’s give it up to everyone for supporting After-School All-Stars and their mission to keep children safe and help them succeed in school and in life.

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