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Winner Experience: Takei over NYC with George Takei

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Congrats to Dan from Salt Lake City, UT, who flew to New York to have dinner with George and Brad Takei, sit VIP for George’s musical Allegiance, and go backstage!

Tell us everything, starting with dinner.
I was really nervous for the entire day leading up to dinner. I mean, it’s George Takei! We met Brad and George right at the restaurant. They were so funny, and so warm and welcoming. It was just like meeting up with old friends. We sat down and got to talking. I don’t think any of the four of us ate much at all, because we were just talking the whole time. They were just so normal! Then we all took the car together over to the show and saw George perform in Allegiance.

He performed onstage that night after dinner? How was that?
He didn’t seem nervous at all—he had his George Takei calm voice at all times. He probably had 45 minutes from the end of dinner to showtime.

How was the show?
It was really great. That night, Brad was sitting just across the row from us. We chatted with him during intermission and then he shuffled us backstage so that we could meet the crew and see the theater.

What was it like backstage?
The theater where Allegiance ran is typically not used for musicals, because it doesn’t have space for a proper orchestra pit. So it was amazing how they figured out how to do a musical in that theater. All they could fit in the pit was the conductor and a small string quartet. So they built three separate rooms that all had audio/video tied together. There was a room for percussion, a room for bass, and then all other woodwinds and brass were in a third room. And all separate from the pit! It was massively impressive, and really cool to go downstairs and see it all—a full orchestra in four separate rooms.

Sounds like you had so much fun with George! Anything you want to say to your fellow Omazers?
In life, you have an ideal of what someone or something should be, and they don’t often live up to your imagination because nothing can live up to your hyped up dreams of what it should be. And George was exactly what you would expect him to be—just a very genuine, kind person. And Brad was more hilarious than I had expected! They’re an adorable married couple just like every other adorable married couple. It was amazing.

Thanks to everyone who donated and submitted winner challenges for Dan to complete. Here’s the whole gang doing the Vulcan salute, specially requested by Mary Beth Harrington! And Dan, if you’re reading this, we absolutely loved talking to you and we’re so happy you got to live this dream.



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