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Winner Experience: Surf with Shane Dorian and Jamie O’Brien in the Maldives

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 Shawn took his wife Jaime and their son Austin (it was his 8th birthday!) on a weeklong trip of a lifetime: to the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa. They watched the Surfing Champions Trophy competition and got some quality time with pro surfers Shane Dorian and Jamie O’Brien. Read on for all the details!


Was it as awesome as it sounded?
Everything was even better than expected. More than we could’ve hoped for. The combination of the Four Seasons, plus the Tropicsurf charter, plus the WSL competition was just unreal. It was probably the best thing we’ve ever done.

What were some of the highlights?
There were so many things—any one of the things we did would’ve made the trip, and we got to do so many of them! Being able to surf with the competitors all the time was really great, Jamie taking me out to teach me board transfers was super fun. One of the days they let me be a guest commentator and call the contest, which was a cool little surprise. I always thought I’d love to do that but never thought it’d actually happen.

One time we were out in the water, and Shane called me into a wave. That was pretty cool. One of the WSL photographers got a lot of awesome pictures. I’ve been surfing for 25 years and I’ve never had a single picture of myself. Now I have all these really good photos, and they’re from that wave that Shane called me into! Another time, Jamie had gotten one of the boat captains to let him use one of the boats to go fishing, and he saw us and invited us to join! My son caught the only two fish of the trip. That was awesome.


What was it like hanging with Shane and Jamie?
I thought they’d be busy with the competition, but they really spent a lot of time with us and it just felt really organic. It didn’t feel like we were on a schedule. We actually ended up making friends with the guys. We didn’t get to go on the supsquatch because it got messed up at the airport, but Jamie told us to hit him up the next time we’re in Oahu and we’ll do it out there!


Had you gone to the Maldives before?
No, and it’s funny because part of our business is teaching people how to make the law of attraction work for them, so we’re huge on goals and affirmations. We teach our sons to put together dream boards of stuff they want to happen in their lives, and one of the places on our dream boards was the Maldives! The pictures on our boards ended up looking exactly like the ones we took on our phones when we were there.

Anything you want to say to the Omaze community?
The one thing I’d say is that I only gave $100. It’s cool that we randomly happened to win and that anyone really can win.


Thanks, Shawn! And let us know when you end up supsquatching with Jamie O’Brien—that’s something we want to see.

You can live the dream too!

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