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Winner Experience: Surf in Fiji with Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian

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We caught up with William after his week in the sun catching waves with Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian. Family, friends and Fiji—what could be better?

How was the week in Fiji with Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian?
Excellent, of course! We never would have gone on our own to Fiji… we will be returning there (unfortunately without Kelly Slater and Shane Dorian).

The surfing was phenomenal, so many different styles and tides and abilities and whatnot…  of course Kelly Slater, everyone knows something about him but you don’t know just how many things he does and how many things I actually ended up having in common with him. He’s big with jujitsu, I do karate… I didn’t know this but he’s been in several bands and I’m a big musician.

Shane and his family were just outright inspirations. I’m a long time skateboarder and newer to surfing, and Jackson was trying to decide whether or not be a skater or a surfer. We had a lot of conversations about that.

What else did you guys do besides surfing?
I surfed a lot. There was snorkeling, stand up paddleboarding, just going out on the boat… my wife went out, she doesn’t surf, she just spent three hours out on the boat watching.

The key thing was that Fiji was amazing and the Fijian people were incredible. The country’s great and everyone there had such a great history, or story, or personality or attitude about everything. That was a big refresher.

Did you learn any cool tricks or get some surfing tips?
Not so much for tricks. I’m newer to surfing, so I did get some better fundamentals for sure.

Any highlights?
Just being with the people, communicating and interacting with them. But really for us, it was Shane Dorian’s family. The bond with his family is great. Going out and surfing with Shane, Jackson, and Kelly as well. All three of them had so much knowledge but they’re just such down to earth guys, you just feel comfortable with them.

Anything you want to say to your fellow Omazers?
It was an incredible week. On a daily basis we’d go, “Hey, remember this? Remember that?”

It’s amazing to see how Kelly and Shane have done this repeatedly, over and over again for various causes. And the causes that they have are always great causes, so why wouldn’t you? It’s really easy to donate when you’re giving it to something of value.


Thanks for letting us live vicariously through your tropical vacation William! We’re so glad your family had a blast in Fiji. A big thanks to all of you for supporting MORE Than Sport and Borneo Orangutan Survival Australia.


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