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Winner Experience: Salumi Tasting with Mario Batali

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Congrats to Lynn who flew out to NYC for a VIP taping of The Chew and exclusive salumi tasting with Mario Batali!
We’re hungry for details—tell us everything.
First we went to the taping of The Chew and got set up at the tasting table, which is the spot to be during taping. Mario came over right away and welcomed us. Everyone from the show was so nice! We even got to taste everything they made that day for the show. Next we did the salumi tasting—he went through each type of salumi and told us all about it and the history. Mario is just so friendly and you could tell that he genuinely loves what he does. After the tasting he even told us to come back to his restaurant, Otto, to try more food!

What was the most exciting part?
I absolutely love The Chew. I always watch it, my mom watches it, and I even make my husband watch it sometimes, so I couldn’t wait to see it in person.

What was your favorite food at the tasting table?
My favorite was the spice cake that Carla made! We even got a picture with her too.
How was Otto? 
It was amazing. He gave us a tour and showed us the basement where they dry age all the meats and it was really interesting to learn about! My cousin had a bowl of pasta and I just went straight for the dessert.
What was the best thing you ate that day?
I love food, but I wouldn’t really consider myself a foodie. This gave me the chance to really be adventurous and just cowboy up and try everything from all types of prosciutto to cappacuolo. The meats during the salumi tasting were a little exotic for me, so my favorite was definitely the dessert which was gelato with chocolate ganache.
That sounds amazing! Now we’re hungry… Anything you want to say to your fellow Omazers? 
Mario was just so gracious and genuine and such a wonderful guy. It was a great time and I encourage everyone to donate! It’s such a small price to pay—not only will you support a great cause, but you could end up winning your own unique, one-of-a-kind experience!

You can live the dream too!

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