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Winner Experience: Russell Wilson

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Amy C. touched down in Seattle to meet Russell Wilson and get a tour of the CenturyLink stadium, including an exclusive look at the facility. She even snuck in a few extra high fives! Read on for more details of this 12th Man.

How was the trip to Seattle and meeting Russell Wilson?
It was great! When we went down on the field to see Russell to high-five and get pictures with him, it wasn’t just a quick high five. We actually got to see a few of the other players and high-five them when they came out too.

That’s awesome! What was the tour of the CenturyLink facility like?
We did a walk-through and Corky, who’s been the team photographer for the Seahawks since the ‘70s, gave us a tour of the facilities and also showed us some of the photos he’s taken. It was so interesting seeing all the players from over the years and seeing the uniforms evolve. It was funny because some of the pictures he had taken had been blown up very, very large along the walls as we were walking along and my husband looked at him as we were walking and was like “I remember that play.”

Did Corky have any good stories?
He said that he takes several thousand shots during a game and that he’d stay up late at night sometimes to go through all the shots and then print out the really good shots of the players that week. It was kind of like to reward them for doing well that game and also inspire the other players to do well to try to make it onto that photo board.

So cool! How did you become a Seahawks fan?
My husband! I married into it. I was actually for the Bengals because I’m from Ohio. When I met my husband, I converted to a Seahawk and we have Seahawks kids. He’s from Seattle, his whole family still lives up in the Seattle area, so they’re all really big Seahawks fans.

This experience must have been a dream for him. What was his favorite part?
I think when we got the field passes and we were down right outside their tunnel, and they kept coming out to do warmups for the pregame. The players that he’d see on TV every weekend were like 10 feet away from him. It was just really cool to see how big they are and seeing them right up close.

Oh and then you’d have to be a Seahawks fan to know, but when their secondary players come out, they do this thing where they get in a circle and rock back forth. So they did that right in front of us and that was cool.

What was the highlight of the trip?
I think the coolest thing was we brought our son (he’s seven) and he got to see Russell. Our daughter who’s 10 wasn’t able to come because she had a school event she couldn’t miss. I was able to record Russell saying hi to her, that was school more important than coming to see him and that he hopes he can see her in Houston for the Super Bowl. That was really cool that he did that for her.

It sounds like Seattle was a game-changer! Thanks so much to everyone for supporting the Why Not You Foundation.

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