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Winner Experience: Ride with Anson Mount to the Hell on Wheels Premiere

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Buck from Nokesville, VA, entered to win the last Hell on Wheels campaign, which offered the chance to meet Anson on set. He didn’t win. But that didn’t stop him from entering to win the next one, and good thing! Buck rode with Anson Mount to the premiere episode of the final season of Hell on Wheels, and it was choo-choo good to be true.

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How was it?
It was an all-around wonderful, wonderful experience. My wife and I rode over with Anson, and we did not expect to be so front and center when we got to the premiere! We had reserved seats, we were mentioned in the opening remarks, and I can’t tell you how many people came up to us saying, “Oh we know all about you, can we get a picture with you?” It was not something that we’re used to, but it was a very pleasant surprise.

What was it like meeting Anson?
It was pretty funny, I’ve been trying to up my style game a little bit, and I had on a cool pair of shoes, and the first thing Anson said when we met was, “Cool pair of shoes.”

Sounds like you guys hit it off!
Yeah, we got along really well. He’s a big political junkie, and so am I, so we spent most of the train ride talking politics. Then the train ride was over, and before we knew it, he was like, “Join us for dinner!” So we hopped in the van with the cast, and that wasn’t even part of the deal! It was like a bonus on top of a bonus, which was awesome. Everybody was so nice and friendly. The actors were so inclusive. And it was cool to meet Mac the dog.

Tell us more!
We were up early the next day for a fantastic backstage tour of the California State Railroad Museum. We saw stuff that I know no one else would ever get a chance to see. And we’re railroad people—my wife’s father spent his entire life building railroad cars—so it was a great experience to be able to do that.

What was the highlight?
The neatest thing—and it almost overshadowed the fact that we were with the cast of Hell on Wheels—was after the premiere, when we were going into the museum, we turn a corner, and we’re face to face with a railroad car from the company that my wife’s father worked for! What are the odds of that happening? That was just right up there with meeting Anson and the cast. That was just awesome.
We’re so happy for you, Buck! Thanks so much again to all the incredible donors who supported Fight DMD through this campaign.


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