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Winner Experience: Walk the Red Carpet with Meryl Streep

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Mother-daughter duo Chris and Cat had a magical time meeting Meryl Streep at the Florence Foster Jenkins premiere in New York. Read on to live vicariously through their incredible night.

So how was it?
Chris: We were pretty nervous in the car ride over and did a few deep breathing exercises. There might as well have been no one else in the room from the moment Meryl Streep walked up. Later Cat told me that Hugh Grant, the director, producers, and other stars were all standing around watching her talk to us. I didn’t even know they were there! We took some pictures and there were a thousand flashes going off at once and I had a moment of like, oh, this is what that feels like.

Cat: I was happy honestly just watching her do interviews and trying to be in the moment just soaking it all in.

What was it like to meet Meryl?
Chris: I don’t know how to tell you how genuinely welcoming she was. Meryl just walked straight to us. What really got to me was that she was smiling with her whole being. She was genuinely pleased to meet us and made me feel like we were the reason she was there, which really made us feel at home. She reached her hand out to shake mine and the first thing I said was, “Thank you for supporting Omaze’s work with (RED).” and she said “Oh no no, thank you. This is really making a difference and if you follow the trails you can tell (RED) is really making a difference.” After our mutual thank yous to each other, I introduced her to Cat, but things kind of get blurry because it was all so fabulous!

Cat: I was extremely nervous and didn’t know how to react. When she walked over she was just so calm, shook my hand, talked for a bit. Her whole energy just made me feel calm. She really made an effort to make a personal connection with us and just made me feel at ease.

What did you guys talk about?
Chris: Because Cat is studying acting, I asked her how she supports her own actress daughter just as a mom. She just laughed and said “I supported them by trying to tell them to be bioengineers and do something else, but they know that this is their passion and they love what they do.” She immediately turned to Cat, and as a mom she probably knew there was nothing that could make me happier when she said, “If this is your passion, then you know that you can’t not do it… the world needs more artists.”

Cat: It was so amazing. She was so very genuine. She was asking specific things and just having a very open discussion with me about my education. Before she left I was going in for a handshake but she very gracefully reached around and gave me a hug and kiss on the cheek. Right after I said thank you and goodbye to Meryl I turned around and bumped into Hugh Grant!

How was the movie?
Chris: It was really wonderful. Each character really personified generosity and how it makes the world a better place. I could see the gentleness and generosity Meryl had shown to us in her role, but it was also such a different character for her.

What was the highlight of the night?
Cat: A lot of the times when people meet celebrities there’s this magic veil that gets torn away, but meeting Meryl and then watching that movie back to back, there was still so much magic to her. Overall, it was just a magical experience.

Chris: As a mother, just how much she talked to and gave advice to Cat. My first thought was I need to remember this my whole life—especially Meryl Streep leaning in and hugging my daughter and kissing her on the cheek. It was just a real moment that will last.

Any last words for your fellow Omazers?
Chris: I think I actually donated on the last day because I got that last email and thought sure, why not! I made just a $25 donation at the last minute because it was a great cause, not even thinking I’d ever actually win. I never expected to do anything than help (RED) make a difference in the world. It could be you next!


Definitely sounds like quite the night Cat and Chris, thank you so much for supporting (RED)!


You can live the dream too!

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