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Winner Experience: Pizza and Beer with Tom Brady, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

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Rick and his sister joined Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Tom Brady for pizza and beer in Boston—but who won the Battle of the Boston BFFs?

So how was it?
I met up with them at Oath Pizza. Tom showed up first. What a nice guy, just the nicest person ever really. I swear if you didn’t know who he was, you’d just think he was just somebody that worked at a factory or something—just a normal guy. He brought my sister and I each a signed jersey, too. Then Matt and Ben showed up together and they were excited to see Tom. We all sat down, ate a bunch of pizza, drank beer and talked. At one point Matt reached over to Ben’s beer and drank it!

Was Tom eating pizza and drinking beer, too?
I think he did have a beer. He asked them if they had just regular cheese pizza because he’s vegetarian and they brought one over for him to eat. I’m not sure if my sister and I ate very much though… the whole thing was pretty surreal!

What did you guys all talk about?
We had a nice talk with Tom about football. I told him the story of how I became a Patriots fan. The short version is that my family is from Minnesota and we’re Vikings fans, but they always let us down. So at some point, about 10 years ago, I just decided that I can pick a new team, and I picked the Patriots! And then I used to watch the Patriots, just like in the playoffs for a couple of years. But now I watch both teams every week.

My wife’s from Nicaragua, his wife is from Brazil and we talked about those things a little bit. Just about anything and everything.

My wife had been really sick so she couldn’t come with me. So I asked if they would mind making a little video saying something for me to show her and they were all about it! So I shot a video on my phone of them wishing my wife well, and it was nice. When I got home and showed her, she really liked that. They were just really nice, personable people.

That’s awesome! Did it seem like Matt and Ben were really big fans of Tom?
It did! They seemed like big fans and were happy to be hanging out with him.

What was your highlight or your favorite part?
I think the time we spent talking to Tom. He started telling us about how his mother is from Minnesota and she’s a big Vikings fan… or used to be. And he was telling us about how when he was a kid they were all San Francisco 49ers fans but his mom was still a Vikings fan. It was a really nice conversation. He’s just so gracious. That was probably the best part.

Would you say that you’re the biggest Tom Brady fan out of Matt and Ben?
Certainly! And in fact, I’m pretty sure that Tom liked me the most, too. That’s the way I left feeling. There was some contest I think going on, but I think it was me over those two.

Do you have anything to say to the rest of the Omaze community?
I had absolutely, and maybe everyone does, but I had zero expectations of winning. I made the $10 donation because I thought that’d be cool to do that. Just make some donations! And you can get the next one. Like I said, I had zero expectations of winning. They can win just like I did. And you know, it goes out to help charities too. So it’s all a win. The whole thing is just a great situation.

We’re so glad you had a wicked awesome time, Rick! Thank you so much to everyone for supporting, Eastern Congo Initiative and TB12 Foundation.

You can live the dream too!

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