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Winner Experience: Pitch Perfect 3

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Holly and her daughter Carling were honorary Barden Bellas when they visited the set of Pitch Perfect 3! Keep on reading to find out what it was like meeting the cast and how Carling got to perform in front of 300 people.

Did Carling know that you entered?
No, I didn’t tell her. It was her 11th birthday and I entered her for part of her present. We were actually on spring break holiday when I got an email that she was a finalist. I told her about the FaceTime call and she was speechless, which she isn’t normally.

What was it like on set?
We were a little overwhelmed. We’ve never been to a set like that where you walk in and you’re immediately transported to another place. We got to meet the top designer who built everything. It was unbelievable what they were able to pull together.

What were some other cool things you did on set?
They made a yacht from scratch and it looked like a real yacht. Carling climbed up and took pictures up there. We also went into hair and makeup together. That was fun because it was like mother-daughter bonding, sitting side by side. When we had lunch, Rebel and everyone else was in the lunchroom together. It was a nice family environment on the set. You could tell everyone cared about each other. They gave Carling some gifts at the end and she got a signed poster.

What was it like meeting the cast?
Carling: It was fun and everyone was super nice. We talked about acting, what movies they were in, how they started their careers. Rebel said she got malaria and she had a vision that she was going to be an actress, so she followed her dreams. She was in law school at the time.

Hailee Steinfeld has never used the app so I asked her to do a to her song “Starving”. It was very cool and everyone was like “Oh my gosh, tell Hailee Steinfeld I love her!”

Holly: The girls couldn’t be more sweet and giving with their time, advice and feedback. There were a lot of tears wrapping up, they were quite emotional about parting from each other. It was nice to see all of that.

Rebel in particular spent quite a bit of time with us. She hung out with us in the hair and makeup trailer, told us stories about her childhood and why her name is Rebel (which by the way was because of a 6 year old singer at her parents’ wedding). She asked Carling to come on stage after they were done with their scene and Carling got to sing the “Cups” song for them. They harmonized while she was singing it, so that was a really special moment.

What was the highlight of the trip?
Carling: When I did the “Cups” song. Everyone in the audience was cheering for me, so that really stood out. All the girls were hugging me, so that was probably my favorite part.

Holly: There were 300 extras sitting in the audience at that moment!

Anything you want to share with the Omaze community?
It’s a win-win. Giving people life-changing opportunities that they would never be able to experience in their lifetime and at the same time raise an unprecedented number of funds. I’m blown away from the opportunity. It’s a great combination of charitable giving and changing people’s lives.

We’re so glad they had an aca-awesome time! Thank you to everyone who entered and for supporting three incredible causes:, Love is Louder and The School of St Jude Tanzania.

You can live the dream too!

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