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Winner Experience: Paintball with Marshawn Lynch

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Shushan went Beast Mode when she went into battle to play paintball with Marshawn Lynch! Gear up and read all about her trip to Oakland where she met the Super Bowl champion.

What was it like meeting Marshawn?
It was exciting, a lot of fun. He was a cool guy to hang out with. I’ve seen him on Conan and he was hilarious. When we got to meet him, he was that same guy. Just hilarious and down to earth. It’s cool when you meet him, he’s like the same guy on TV cracking jokes.

How did the paintball game go?
We played for quite a few hours, playing on separate teams. That was my first time playing paintball. It was muddy and people were slipping around, but we were all having fun trying to get each other.

Were there any funny moments?
I got a bruise on my leg which left a nice memory! I learned that I liked paintball.

How did your brother-in-law and nephew enjoy it?
They loved it. My brother-in-law was excited but so was my nephew. He’s 10 years old. He loves anything Beast Mode. Marshawn signed the sweater he was wearing, which made his day. He was already having a great time playing paintball with Marshawn and being on Marshawn’s team, and that was just the icing on the cake.

Have your family members always been Marshawn Lynch fans?
Pretty much, they all have become fans. And now my brother-in-law is an even bigger fan!

What do you want to share with your fellow Omazers?
It’s cool that you can help out a cause that you believe in. You’re happy to help donate, but when you win it’s like, “Oh my gosh, are you serious? I’m getting to meet and hang out with this person?” It’s just a cool way to help support a great cause.

A big thanks to everyone for supporting the Fam 1st Family Foundation and their work to empower youth in the Bay Area and throughout the US.

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