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Winner Experience: Nine Lives Premiere & Photo Shoot with Famous Cats

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Justin and Chris had an amazing weekend snapping pics with famous cats and meeting Robbie Amell at the Nine Lives premiere. In a purrfect twist, they even shared a flight to LA with one of the cats! Read on:

What it was like meeting the cats?
You always see them on Facebook and Instagram, but actually getting to meet them in person and play with them and hold most of them was unreal. Lil BUB was so cute! She’s pretty fragile so the only person to ever hold her (besides her owners) is Robert De Niro! Because if he asks, you’ve got to do it. I got to hold her on my lap, though, which was great.


How was the photo shoot?
There were lots of props there for us, like little Nine Lives cat ears. We took a bunch of pictures and it was just so surreal with the cats all being in the room with us. Definitely the experience of a lifetime.


Are you planning anything special to use the pictures for?
We thought about using one for a Christmas card or something. We got one with all the owners too which was great to get to know the people who take care of the cats. I was blown away that all the cats have managers too.


We know they’re all meow-nificent, but did you have a favorite?
Yeah, I think Lil BUB. Plus she’s from Indiana, a couple of hours away from us, which is really cool. She and her family were actually on the same flight as us out of Indianapolis and I saw them at the airport, but didn’t realize it was them!


How was the premiere?
I had never been to a premiere before! It was kind of crazy just to actually be there and see everyone. We hung out with cats at the Best Friends Animal Society booth they had set up for mobile adoption. There was one that just fell asleep on Chris, instantly hugging him. Just walking around and seeing all the celebrities and seeing the cats we had met the day before in the movie was so cool.


How was meeting Robbie Amell?
It was really cool! He walked up right away and gave us hugs and introduced us to his mother who he brought as his date.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 11.06.16 AM

At the end of the movie I saw Robbie’s mom and she remembered me and waved and said hi. She actually nudged Robbie and he pointed at me to wait a second before leaving and talked with us a bit more. I actually posted a picture on Robbie’s Facebook page a few days after the premiere saying it was great to meet him and his mom replied!

Any last thoughts?
It was definitely a whirlwind weekend. All in all it was unreal and amazing. Just looking back on it, it seems like a dream.


It sounds like Justin and Chris had a paw-some time! Thank you all so much for donating to Lil BUB’s Big Fund for the ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society and helping find homes for our furry friends.


You can live the dream too!

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