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Winner Experience: NFL Hall of Fame Ceremony

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Alan M. from Kansas City, MO, had an action-packed weekend at the Pro Football Hall of Fame Weekend in his new favorite place, Canton, OH. How did it all go down? Read on.

We want to hear everything!
I had to get going pretty quickly after finding out I won, but this is something I would never turn down. If I had gotten fired I would’ve been okay with it. I only got maybe two hours of sleep the night before leaving because I was so excited.

So if you did get fired, would it have been worth it?
Absolutely. Brett Favre is my favorite player, my hero. Words can’t even describe how excited I was, and the excitement didn’t even live up to how awesome the experience actually was.

What Hall of Fame Weekend events did you go to?
We had tickets for everything and went for it all. The first thing we did was get dressed up for this fashion show luncheon. There were maybe 50 guys and 1,000 women there and we just talked with everyone and had a great time. Shortly after that ended, we went to the pre-concert reception.

How was the concert?
It was great! I love any live music that’s outside, so that was so much fun, plus we ended up sneaking down a little closer, too. The whole day everyone in Canton was telling us to go to this awesome sports bar, Jerzee’s, so we headed there after the concert.


How was Saturday?
We bought a bunch of memorabilia before heading to the Gold Jacket autograph session near the Hall of Fame to get it all signed.


At the big Bronze Buffet dinner we hung out with Kevin Greene’s family. After that was the Enshrinement, which was just unreal. I’m like the biggest Brett fan ever, so the great seats, and seeing more players we knew just made it an incredible moment. We stayed for the whole time watching everybody’s speeches. I can’t even put into words how it was watching the once-in-a-lifetime experience of your hero getting inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Amazing! How did Sunday compare?
Sunday was the Enshrinee Roundtable, which might have been the coolest part. They had all the enshrinees in this large table in the middle of everyone just talking about past experiences in open discussion between all of them. It was fun to see them all just as normal people reminiscing and cracking jokes with each other. I was so happy we got to go to that. The Hall of Fame Game ended up being canceled, but we were able to walk down on the field, and got in the background of ESPN filming. Then we got some autographs when all the players walked out.


What was the highlight of the weekend?
The whole weekend was a blur. I’m piecing together a poster board of everything I kept from the weekend so I can show my sister and family back home.

The main highlight was probably the Enshrinement itself. I mean that’s never going to happen again with Brett Favre getting inducted into the Hall of Fame. It was definitely emotional and a lot of the speeches were just unreal. I still can’t even talk about it. I’m the biggest football fan ever and this was by far the best weekend I’ve had in my entire life. I don’t see anything surpassing this, ever. I can’t even explain how great of a time I had.


Definitely sounds like an all star weekend, Alan. Thank you so much to everyone who supported the NFL Foundation and their mission to improve the health, safety and wellness of young athletes and their communities.



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