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Winner Experience: Neil Patrick Harris

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Catherine T. and her daughter spent a legendary evening with Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka, which included dinner, candid conversation and the group going to see the Broadway show, Come From Away. Read on to hear more about their “perfect New York night!”

So you first met Neil and David at dinner. How was that?

It was certainly a special evening that we will never forget. I thought my daughter was going to have a heart attack when Neil and David first walked in! She grabbed my arm and said, “Oh my god they’re here!” and I just said, “Yes, Darlin’, I see them!” And then from the moment they sat down, they completely let their guard down and we had a wonderful time. There was a candor to the conversation that was amazing. My daughter had a list of questions—and when I say a list, I mean an actual list on her phone—and while the rest of us were talking she went down the entire list! And Neil answered every question that she had, which was so charming and so giving.

What were Neil and David like?

You know, I wasn’t awestruck because they made you feel so comfortable. I want be their friend—not because they’re famous, but because they’re such nice people! Neil was really funny and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer person for my daughter to have met. And David was so open and kind.

What did you all talk about?

Lots of Broadway discussions! My daughter asked Neil what it was like to be on Broadway and what it was like to both host the Tonys and to win a Tony. We tried to get him to divulge how he did his magic tricks, but he wasn’t giving up any of that information! We also talked about children and travel—you know, just life in general. It really felt like we were sitting down with old friends. If I got to do it again, I would skip the show and just enjoy a three-hour dinner with them!

Was there a highlight moment from the dinner?

I think for me—the highlight as a mom—was watching how kind Neil was to my daughter and how accommodating he was to answer all her questions. It’s something I wish I could do every week, because I think our interests are similar and I just enjoyed the conversation so much!

How was Come From Away?

The show was great and the cast was wonderful, so it was the perfect New York night!

What was it like watching a show with NPH?

My daughter sat next to him, and she said she looked over and every few minutes would think to herself, “I’m sitting in a theater with Neil Patrick Harris!” It was really fun, because she was so in her element and she was just the happiest I’ve seen her in… I don’t even know! It was such a special night.

Do you have anything else to share with your fellow Omazers and fans of Neil and David?

When you enter the contest you think, “Wouldn’t that be great to win?” but you don’t think it’s really going to be you. And I think the fun thing about what Omaze does is that, it’s going to be somebody! Why not you? It was amazing to find out we won and to share the news with all our friends—it was just something I’ll never forget. And if Neil ever says he needs another dinner companion, you know we’re available!

Thanks, Catherine! And thanks to all of you for supporting (RED)’s work to achieve an AIDS-free generation.

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