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Winner Experience: Meet The Walking Dead Cast at New York Comic Con

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Walking Dead superfan Rosalie braved the zombie-flooded halls of New York Comic Con to meet the cast at their panel. After catching insider details from the show’s cast and creators, she got to meet—and hug—a few of her favorite characters. Turns out, they’re not so scary after all.

What was it like to be at Comic Con?
Everything that happened was like a dream. The biggest highlight was going to the actual convention and getting to walk the floor. Plus, meeting the actors from a show I’ve followed since the beginning was overwhelming. I probably stared at them for a little too long. It was a very surreal experience. I keep asking my brother (who came with me), “Do you believe it yet?”


Did you get any plot scoop at the panel?
No spoilers for the new season, but it was all actually very sweet. Lauren Cohan talked about how by the end of the season it’ll be 99 episodes, almost 100, and when the moderator asked her a question, she kind of teared up a little. Just seeing her be so overwhelmed and so happy that there were so many people out there who care about her character and the show, it showed how much she and the rest of the cast love us back. It’s not a one-way relationship.

How was meeting the cast?
It was really cool because I’m super shy and they were just so kind and nice. They were very interested in getting to know me and my brother. There was one point where I met Melissa McBride who plays Carol, a character known for being kind of vicious, and then she was incredibly sweet, she actually came up and gave me a big hug.


What’d you guys talk about?
I asked them what it was like to be at Comic Con and see all the fans. When they’re filming they’re in a really rural part of Georgia so when they come here they’re able to see all the fans, just screaming and crying and freaking out. So it’s a fun experience for them to see all these people who’ve stayed overnight just to see them.

Did you get some good pictures with them?
Yes. I keep looking at them as if I made it up in my head. But no, I was actually there!

Anything to say to your fellow Omazers?
Keep donating. Don’t lose hope. I didn’t think at all that this would happen. I’m still trying to process it in my mind. It can happen for anybody. Now that I’m back in everyday life, it’s another great memory to hold onto.

We’re so glad you discovered that the walkers and survivors can also be huggers, Rosalie. Thank you so much for supporting Haiti Air Ambulance!


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