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Winner Experience: Meet Matt Damon at the Jason Bourne Premiere

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When Peter flew from Ottowa, Canada, to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the world premiere of Jason Bourne, he was met with a dose of celebrity life. Check out his interview on the red carpet WITH Matt Damon:

Peter said one of the highlights of the experience was hanging with Matt at the after-party, where his A-list status continued. “One of the funnier moments was when I was talking to Matt, and I didn’t realize that Donny Osmond was standing right behind me waiting to talk to him, too! I had no idea.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 1.10.32 PM

Sorry, Donny—Peter and Matt were too busy placing wagers. “We shook on a $50 bet that Matt would be in politics by the year 2026. He said he won’t be, but I’m betting that he is.”

Want to re-live the moment when Peter found out he was the winner? Check it out:

Congratulations, Peter, and be sure to hold Mr. Damon to that bet in 10 years!


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