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Winner Experience: Meet Lena Dunham on the Set of HBO’s Girls

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Abby from Rogers, AR, got flown out to New York to hang out on the set of HBO’s Girls. They’re shooting the show’s final season, which you’d think would be hectic, but the vibes were surprisingly chill. Read on for more.

How was it being on set?
It was exciting! They were filming a scene for episode 1, so it didn’t spoil anything which was nice. We were in Montauk, outside. It was a beautiful day, right by the ocean and we kind of sat in the back with the monitors. They gave us headphones so we could watch them film. It was great. Everyone was insanely nice. We met the writers, the sound people, and they were all amazing. They made a point to come introduce themselves and answer questions. Lena was a doll. She was very nice, genuine, so sweet and seemed really happy to have us there. She was everything you’d hope she would be.

What’d you talk to her about?
She was directing and acting that day, so she was crazy busy but so nice. She’d come over and chit chat when she had a minute. We just talked about superficial stuff, nothing too deep. I didn’t want to put any pressure on her to be “on”.

What was your favorite part?
It was just really cool watching Lena do both directing and acting. She did awesome and did not seem stressed out at all. To see somebody her age so in control of all of those people and that kind of production is insane. She really has her stuff together, it’s impressive.

Did anything surprise you?
I thought it’d be more hectic. Everyone kept saying they had beach vibes, because they’d been filming on the beach the whole week. Nobody seemed stressed out or anything. It was really relaxed.


We’re getting beach vibes just thinking about it! Thanks to Abby for the recap and to all of you for supporting New York Collaborates for Autism.


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