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Winner Experience: Meet David Lynch at the Festival of Disruption

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Film and music buff Felipe lived out his greatest Lynchian fantasies at the Festival of Disruption in LA. A weekend full of meeting David Lynch, VIP access to the whole festival and even a damn good cup of coffee with Kyle MacLachlan. Sounds anything but disruptive.

So how was the weekend?
The whole thing was amazing. A David Lynch producer actually came to introduce herself and brought me to the party before the festival with her guest Kimmy Robertson [from Twin Peaks] and introduced me to her. Both nights it was a very Lynchian vibe. I saw David every day at the festival, too.

Then on Sunday I had a darn good cup of coffee with Kyle MacLachlan. It was so nice. He’s very down to earth; it was great talking to him.


That’s so cool! So what was your favorite part?
Definitely meeting David Lynch. He’s such a genuine person. Also Kyle MacLachlan, I was very excited to meet Kyle. I feel very lucky.


What did you and David talk about?
I love many of his movies and I made a short film so we talked about that. He also told me about meditation and told me that I should give that a try. He said it really helps to get good ideas and with the creative process. And helps to release stress.


So, will you meditate now?
I will!

Any other highlights from the festival?
When Angelo Badalamenti played. He composed a lot of the music for Lynch’s films and he played one of my favorite songs. I love his music. I’m still excited about the whole weekend, still living in it—I’ll never forget it.

We’re so glad such a die-hard Lynch fan got to enjoy this celebrity meet and greet experience. Thank you so much for supporting the David Lynch Foundation and its goal of bringing Transcendental Meditation to students.


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