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Winner Experience: Katy Perry

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Annick M. from Ottawa, Canada, brought her 16-year-old daughter Melyane to live out her teenage dream with Katy Perry. From recreating the Witness album cover (with the help of Katy’s personal makeup artist) to filming their own music video, it was a day to remember. Read on for all the details!

What was it like getting your makeup done?

My daughter, Melyane, did the photoshoot. Danielle from Katy Perry’s team met us at our hotel with the makeup artist, Mike. He came with a huge suitcase, like full of makeup and he just recreated the Witness album cover, staying for almost two hours! It was really really nice, it looked awesome! After taking pictures, we finished getting ready to go to the concert!

How was it meeting Katy?

We were brought backstage and got a photo with Katy! Then she met up with us again after her other meet and greets. We snapped a couple of pictures with Melyane, and she even did a music video with my daughter! Melyane was super thrilled about that! They were shooting poses, and all of a sudden Katy just goes, “Well, what else do you want to do?” So my daughter goes, “Would you do a music video with me?” and Katy goes, “YEAH!!” She was really into it.

That’s so cool! What song did they choose for the music video?

Swish Swish, it’s her favorite song!

Was your daughter freaking out?

Oh yeah!! She’s 16 and is still raving about it every day!

What did you talk to Katy about?

Katy asked my daughter a bit about us and where we’re from. Then she was raving about my daughter’s nails. Melyane had her acrylic nails done with sparkles for the show and was ecstatic.

And how was the concert?

We had a great spot very close to the stage, so that was really cool! We saw the whole concert and it was amazing. The props, costumes, dancers, everything was just amazing. We couldn’t stop watching! We saw her perform seven years ago, and it was a much bigger show this time.

Do you have a highlight moment from the experience?

I think it was when she did the video with my daughter. It was just very cool of her. She took her time and she was just really awesome.

Anything else you want to share with your fellow Omazers?

We felt like we were treated like VIPs and we loved the whole experience! It was really great. A huge thank you for the opportunity, it was really really awesome. We’re definitely going to keep donating!

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