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Winner Experience: James Corden

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Lynn can now check “sing along to One Direction with James Corden” off her bucket list! She and her friends flew all the way from Canada to Los Angeles in order to watch a taping of The Late Late Show and spend some quality time with the talk show host. Read on to find out more about her music-filled, energetic day!

What was it like when you first got to the stage?

We were taken to the greenroom and told to make ourselves feel at home. Then we went down and got to take some pictures with the car and meet the crew who were in the van in front of us. Then James came out and introduced himself and we got right into the car!

How many songs did you end up singing in the car?

Three! So after the first song, which was TLC’s No Scrubs, we just started talking. I’m a huge One Direction fan—which I said to Omaze any time you guys have asked me anything about myself—and that got filtered down to James as well. So he said, “I hear you’re a One Direction fan, which member is your favorite?” And I gave him one guess and he went, “Harry,” and I said “Obviously!” And then we went straight into Drag Me Down, which was our next song. It’s just one of those songs that everybody ends up smiling to! And then our final song was the Bryan Adams song, Summer of ‘69. Bryan Adams is one of our best Canadian exports, we had to include him!

What surprised you the most about meeting James?

He just seems like he’s trying to put a little more light and love out into the world. He stayed with us for 45 minutes in the car—which is way longer than we expected! He was just amazing, he’s exactly how he comes across on television. He’s kind and sweet, and full of happiness, it was really cool to meet him.

What was the rest of the day like? 

After that, we went for lunch at the Grove and then we got a tour of the studio where The Late Late Show is filmed. We got to see where the producer and the director sit, and hear them rehearsing the show. And we even went down to see some of the sets and props and see where they play basketball on the roof—all that cool stuff. Then we got to sit and watch the taping of James’ show, and we actually got to be in the episode. And James came up and said goodbye to us in the greenroom at the end of the evening.

What would you say was the main highlight of the day?

At the end of the drive, I gave him a mug I made for him in the colors of his favorite soccer team, West Ham United. I also brought maple syrup for everyone (because we’re Canadian!). James was just so kind and gracious about it. He said to me, “Oh, this is so lovely, it’s the nicest gift anyone has ever given to me.” For him to say that was just very, very nice.

If you could describe the whole day in a couple of words, what would they be?

Unreal and fun! You could tell that the staff loved being there, and it was just so energetic. The show had a really great vibe—it was infectious and exciting.

Do you have any final thoughts for your fellow Omazers in the community, and fans of James Corden?

I only donated $25 to this campaign!  It’s amazing, you never do that expecting to win, but it’s for (RED), a great cause and a cause I know that James really cares about. You know, we were just so happy to be there, it was a completely unbelievable experience. Thank you to everyone for supporting (RED). Your contributions helped us get one step closer to an AIDS-free generation.

You can live the dream too!

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