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Winner Experience: Jam Session with Jake Peavy

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Longtime baseball fan Eric and his wife hit the field at AT&T Park with pitcher Jake Peavy to watch some batting practice, enjoy VIP seats and celebrate a big Giants win. After the game they hung out at Jake’s place for some BBQ and an epic jam-sesh with members of the Grateful Dead. Add in a tambourine solo and it was a home run of a day.

What was it like on the field?
I’ve never gotten to go down on the field before, so that was a really neat experience for me, especially being a ball player as a kid. Just to be on a major league ball field, it made me feel really nostalgic for my childhood because it was always something I wanted to do. It was really neat seeing the players warm up.

How the game?
I got to meet Willie Mays! Before he started warming up, Jake just said, “I want you to meet somebody, he’s my idol.” And there he was, Willie Mays! I had my phone out to take pictures but I totally spaced because I was so in awe. I was just totally shocked and star struck. That was like meeting royalty. Then the Giants won, so that was awesome.

What’d you guys do to celebrate?
Afterwards we went back to the hotel and changed, then Jake said you’re coming over to my place. We assumed that was a bar or something. We didn’t realize it was his apartment!

We hung out, having a little house party and relaxing, eating a little BBQ. A couple of the guys from Dead and Company were there, friends of Jake. Those musicians are so tight, and they’re really, really good. I just wanted to get in there and jam with them so I grabbed a tambourine and got in there for a couple songs and started bashing the tambourine.

That’s awesome! Anything else you want to share with your fellow Omazers?
I’m just a normal guy, wife and kids, normal job, but when I was a kid I fantasized about being a baseball player or in a rock band. So winning this reaffirmed our belief that the universe is good. Plus, it helps out charities and you’re making people happy. Just to be around talented people, it makes you feel lucky. On so many levels it was really a good experience for us.

We’re so glad you caught a Giants’ victory with Jake and jammed with the Grateful Dead. Thank you so much for supporting both the Rex Foundation and the Jake Peavy Foundation.

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