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Winner Experience: High-Five Kobe Bryant at His Last Game

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Two nights ago, Lakers history was made as Kobe Bryant played his final NBA game ever. And surprisingly, the number of the night wasn’t 24. It wasn’t even 8. It was 60. Because not only did Kobe end his Lakers career with a whopping 60 points, our celebrity sweepstakes winner, Tommilynn (who went to her first Lakers game when she was 2!) witnessed the spectacle by donating $60 to support three awesome causes. Here’s your recap.

Tommilynn, age 2

What a cute Lakers fan!

Tommilynn! How was it?
Amazing. The seats were perfect. I took a picture at center court, right on the Lakers logo. I was able to sit on the Lakers bench, and then we got ready for the team to run out of the tunnel for warmups—that’s when they high-fived us. I didn’t know I was going to high-five all of the Lakers! I was on one side, my mom was on the other side, we stuck our hands out, and the Lakers just ran through and gave us high fives.

How does your hand feel now after high-fiving everybody?
It feels awesome.

Whose high five was the most memorable?
Kobe’s high five, duh!

Obviously. What else can you tell us?
Before the game, the curtains dropped down like they always do, but this time, they only showed Kobe pictures, not the whole team. They played video clips of different celebrities and ex-Lakers thanking Kobe. It was really nice.

Any celebrity run-ins?
I saw Robert Horry, A.C. Green, Rick Fox. I was trying not to take a lot of videos or pictures because I wanted to live in the moment and not through my camera… but i did take some. I took a picture with Derek Fisher, so that was awesome. The Weeknd was sitting right in front of us, and I took a picture with him, too. It was crazy. Our seats were incredible. It amazed me that we had better seats than people like Rick Fox and Anthony Anderson!

Your mom raised you to be a Lakers fan. Did she have a good time?
Oh yes. She was screaming, she was all over the place.


Was there one moment that stuck out in your mind?
Being on the court and having the Lakers just run right past me. That was the best.

What was it like when Kobe made his speech at the end?
People were so excited, but it was a little sad. At one point Kobe was laughing, saying that throughout his 20 years everyone was telling him to pass the ball, and today everyone was saying “Don’t pass the ball, keep the ball!” He was cracking up. Being there and watching him speak was unbelievable. I can’t believe I was there. I was wondering when they were gonna throw the confetti! I thought it was going to be when they won, and it wasn’t until after he addressed the crowd. He did his speech and walked out, and then confetti, balloons, everything was just falling down, and everybody started screaming. It was great. My mom and I both woke up with a sore throat from screaming.


You can live the dream too!

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