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Winner Experience: Henry Cavill

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How did Christina B. end up meeting Henry Cavill and joining him for a champagne toast in the Coca-Cola London Eye? We’re glad you asked.

After donating $50 to support The Royal Marines Charity, she started channeling some positive thinking…

Then we told her she won. Once that settled in, she made a sign for Henry.

Next step? Wait for it… actually meeting Superman himself.

And her first reaction? “Henry Cavill kissed my cheeks twice. The Euro way.” Watch more below to find out why she’s “basking in that Henry Cavill after-glow”:

If you want even more details from Christina on how the whole day went down (we don’t blame you), keep reading.

On first seeing Henry Cavill…
I recognized Charlie Cavill walking towards me, and then… like sunlight breaking through the clouds… THERE HE WAS. Henry Cavill. Walking toward me. In my mind, it’s all in slow motion. Like Baywatch-running-slow motion. And all the buzzing of the crowd fell away. He put his hand out to me but I said, “I think I need a hug instead,” and I looked at my husband and murmured, “I’m sorry,” and went in for a hug.

On the European kisses…
First there were pictures and then the champagne toast, and two kisses from Henry. Yes, that happened. But he kissed my cheek and then as an awkward American, I leaned back and he said, “No, like Europeans.” And he kissed my other cheek. Thank god for European customs!

On the little things for fellow fans…
Fans wanted to know what he smells like (Dunhill in the black box). And I took one for the team—giving Henry Cavill the kiss you all asked for.

On her new friends…
He and his friends reminded us of our friends here in real life—genuinely nice, normal people, who you might meet out for a beer. It was a magical experience.

What’s even more incredible is the $237,005 (or over £186,163 for the British pound-focused folks) for The Royal Marines Charity. These funds will assist their work to provide the best possible lifelong charitable support for Royal Marines, their families, veterans and cadets. Thank YOU for being real-life superheroes.

You can live the dream too!

Check out our current experiences.

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