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Winner Experience: Hang with Dwayne Johnson & Kevin Hart

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Lisa from Walkerton, Indiana, brought along her daughter for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was fun as truck! Monster truck. Buckle up for a bumpy ride full of surprises.

So… you rode in a monster truck with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.
Oh my gosh. I still haven’t come down off this whole thing. They were all so nice, and it was fun! I mean, who rides in a monster truck with famous actors and gets filmed? The whole thing was just so much fun. I feel so lucky.

What was it like meeting them?
They couldn’t have been more personable and kind and gracious, and they know how lucky they are to be where they are and have what they have. Dwayne Johnson is a spectacular human being—he deserves everything he has, as does Kevin Hart. For somebody on my side of the fence, it’s so nice to see people that have had so much success be so humble. And the fact that Aaron Paul showed up was an incredible bonus! My daughter is an insane fan of Breaking Bad.

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Aaron Paul! Talk about a surprise guest appearance.
I know. First, Kevin Hart walked up and my daughter just screamed, “I love you!” And then a few seconds later, Aaron Paul walks up and my daughter just totally lost her stuff. She just went mushy and goo-goo, and I know he could tell because it was impossible not to. After Aaron showed up, basically the rest of the world just disappeared for her. At that point, Kevin said, “Oh, I see where this is going, you liked me a minute ago!” It was really funny.

Tell us about the truck and the obstacle course!
They put us in the back of the truck and buckled us in, and Kevin Hart’s first comment was, “I just want you all in the back to know that I can’t see over the steering wheel.” It was hysterical! Kevin drove first and there was a whole set of obstacles for him to go through. I don’t think he wanted to stop driving—he kept going over the watermelons as much as possible. Then Dwayne drove. They were really funny together. Before Dwayne bulldozed over a cutout of Kevin, he looked over and said, “Kevin, I’ve always really liked you, I’m sorry I have to do this.” And then he just completely rammed it! They had a good time, you could tell they had a lot of fun. And Aaron Paul got some good laughs out of it, too, taking videos from the backseat.

What was the best thing you crushed?
The truck is so huge that it kind of goes over stuff with some minor bumps, not a big deal. So the funniest part was when, of all the things, we hit this little teeny electric Vespa. I don’t know how Dwayne hit this thing, but he hit it in such a way that the whole truck just jumped and bounced and knocked side to side. It felt like we went off a cliff! That was the most amazing part because we didn’t see that coming.

Hilarious! Rocked by a Vespa. Anything you want to say to your fellow Omazers?
I feel so lucky. I wish I could’ve taken every single person that donated with me because everybody deserved it as much as I did. My daughter and I are extremely grateful. We’ll never forget it. You guys made us feel like the luckiest people on earth. Thank you so much, I’ll never stop saying thank you!

Thank YOU, Lisa! Check out the video of Lisa’s incredible time with these guys, and thanks to everyone who supported Kind Campaign.


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