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Winner Experience: Go to the Premiere of Independence Day

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Ashley from Pittsburgh got more than she bargained for during her star-spangled night with Jeff Goldblum at the advance VIP screening of Independence Day: Resurgence. As you can see, Ashley is a Goldblum fan… big time.


She and her sister Alyssa met for a celebratory toast before hitting the red carpet.

IMG_7458 IMG_7460 IMG_7462

What was the most unforgettable part?
The first moment of walking onto the red carpet and seeing the setup and all the people was pretty unforgettable. 
Also, I will always remember our first meeting with Jeff in the lobby of the theater—he was genuinely excited to meet us. When he said, “The Catalano sisters!” and hugged us, I thought I might burst.

IMG_7473 IMG_7483

What did you talk to Jeff Goldblum about? 
We talked a lot about Pittsburgh! He grew up there and I live there now, so we talked about the places he remembers and how it has changed. He said he’s a big Steelers fan (I’m hoping he’ll call me up when he comes to a game this fall…).

What was the after-party like?
I knew that I was going to get to meet Jeff and spend some time with him at the after-party, I just was not expecting to be invited into his cabana for the entire time he was there (and even after he left!).  He asked us what we thought about the new movie, and it was very cute when he started showing pictures of his son on his phone! He seemed very proud and excited about being a dad. He took so many pictures with us, and made sure we got to sing together before he left. He was really great!
IMG_7506 IMG_7516 IMG_7536
What was it like singing with him?
It was my favorite part! I loved that he has created a song with Independence Day lyrics to the Jurassic Park melody—basically a perfect movie-themed mashup. 
How often do you get to sing a song about your favorite movie with your favorite actor?
What’s one thing that the world doesn’t know about Jeff?
I think the world should know that in real life he really is just as friendly and funny and quirky as he appears to be in movies and interviews that you see on TV.

Any last words?
It was really such an amazing whirlwind experience. This was honestly so perfect for me, and I’m so thankful to have been chosen!

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