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Winner Experience: Get Glam with Kim Kardashian

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Kongrats to our Kim Kardashian winners! Christine and her daughter Carlin had a mega glam session with Kim in LA. Here are the details, from Christine herself.

What made you enter to win this experience?
I just thought that it’d be a really fun thing for us to do together! When girls are in their teenage years (Carlin’s a junior in high school), you don’t have a lot of time and opportunities to make memories like this, and I just thought this would be so much fun.

And was it?
Yes! It was so amazing. I thought it would be good, but it was even better than I ever expected. We had the best time—my daughter is on cloud 9 even still.


Walk us through the day!
We got to the hotel, and Kim showed up probably five minutes after we did. She was right on time, and she walked in with a milkshake from In-N-Out burger! That was funny. She was so super sweet, gave us both hugs, and we just sat down and chatted for a few minutes.

What’d you talk about?
She talked a little bit about her kids and coming from a big family, it was just a normal conversation. You know, meeting an international superstar is kind of intimidating, but she really put us both at ease. Obviously she’s glamorous and gorgeous, but really she was so sweet and made us feel so comfortable.

Let’s talk about the makeovers. Did you have an idea of what you’d get done?
Kim brought a hair and makeup person with her, and my daughter went first. Kim said, “I think you’d look really cute in Dutch braids!” We thought it was a great idea, so we did those. And Kim was giving Carlin makeup tips too, which was really cute. She just jumped in, grabbed a brush and showed her how to contour! Kim suggested we do braids for me too, so we ended up doing a halo braid. It was fun, it was something I never would’ve done myself. We left there feeling and looking much different than we do every day.


Was there a particular moment that stands out in your mind?
The coolest thing was when Carlin was in the chair and Kim said, “I think I should Snapchat!” I think my daughter nearly jumped out of her chair! It was just so cool that she put her in the Snapchat—all her friends saw that and her phone just started blowing up! I don’t think people really took us seriously that we were going to LA to meet Kim Kardashian, so that was a really exciting moment for us.

What was the best part about meeting Kim?
She was really genuine. I think you can sense when someone’s just there and trying to get something over with… and there was none of that. She was just present and engaged, asking us questions about our lives. She was just a really nice person. I kept thanking her while we were there. It was just such an opportunity that we wouldn’t have ever had in our lives. It’s so cool that you guys do this, and we feel so fortunate to have won it.


Thanks to Christine and Carlin for being so awesome, and thanks to everyone for supporting (RED)!


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