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Winner Experience: Get Drawn into an Episode of Family Guy

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A very animated congrats to Michael from Maryville, TN, who had an epic Family Guy experience! Michael and his wife took two separate trips to LA, one to meet Seth MacFarlane backstage at his jazz show, and another to tour the Family Guy studios and sit in on a table read. Check out the details below.


How was Seth’s show?
It was an excellent show, I didn’t realize what a great singer Seth is. He’s a really nice guy, he talked with me and my wife for about 15 minutes afterwards. We have a 16-year old son who’s an artist and animator and wants to be like Seth, so we asked him about how he got his start and advice on how to go about doing what he does. We actually gave him a framed picture of our son’s artwork, his own take on one of the Family Guy characters.

What about the tour of the Family Guy studio?
The tour was great, we got to meet a lot of people on staff. They were very generous with their time and took us room by room just talking to people. Everyone took a lot of time to go over what they were doing and working on, which was nice. I really had no idea how much work they do and how many episodes they work on at one time. There really was a lot more involved than I expected. They had lots of snacks and food there, too.


What was the coolest thing you saw?
I liked the table read. That was neat to see them go through a whole episode. It was really interesting how that played out.

Any other highlights?
I’m being drawn into an episode, too, so I’m looking forward to that. They gave me a framed picture of my likeness and they all signed it. I wasn’t sure what I’d look like, but it looks pretty close!


Anything you want to say to your fellow Omazers?
I’m very thankful for the opportunity, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and a really cool experience.

Thanks for the scoop, Michael! And thanks to all you awesome people out there who supported by entering to win this experience.


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