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Winner Experience: Get Complimented by George Clooney for 45 Seconds

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It’s always nice to get a compliment. But a solid 45 seconds of compliments from THE George Clooney? Talk about a dream scenario. Watch George sing the praises of your winner Mike and his daughter Zoe below.

What’s arguably better than a compliment from George Clooney? Advice from George Clooney. Mike’s 11-year old daughter Zoe wants to be an actress, and George gave her some sage advice on getting into the business: “If someone tells you no and you accept it, then you’re not right to be an actor.” Definitely some wise words.

Mike’s favorite compliment was being told that Gary Sinise should be his stand-in. A little background: Mike was Gary’s stand-in in the movie Impostor. We see what you did there, George.

Mike’s parting words: “To help others and have George compliment us for 45 seconds was a slam dunk.” Sounds like a win-win to us. Thanks to Mike and everyone out there for supporting (RED)!



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