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Winner Experience: Gennady Golovkin

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Give it up for your champ, John S.! He entered the Omaze ring and stepped out with VIP seats for the GGG vs. Jacobs fight at Madison Square Garden. Read all about his trip and find out who he met at the HBO pre-fight party.

Tell us all about the fight!
It was super intense. The tickets were amazing. I think we were fourth row. I ended up losing my voice from shouting during it. Seeing all the random celebrities that were there was pretty interesting. We saw Jeremy Lin, he was a few seats away. Louis C.K. was there and a few other boxers. Just the atmosphere at the arena was crazy, especially when the main event started.

Did you get to meet anyone else at the fight?
Gennady’s trainer Abel Sanchez, Tom Loeffler, Michael Buffer and a few other people from HBO. We got pictures with them. It was really fun.

What was it like at the weigh-in?
It’s kind of like what you see on TV, but a little more crazy. All the people running around trying to make sure everything is perfect. It’s definitely a little different seeing it from the other side.

After the weigh-in, we were introduced us to Maurizio, the president of the WBC, who gave us miniature championship belts.

Highlight of the experience—go.
There were so many things that made it a great trip but I would have to say the fight itself. The pre-fight party was also a lot of fun. My next-favorite boxer, Sergei Kovalev, was also there, so I got to meet him and talk to him a little bit.

Anything to say to your fellow Omazers?
I went into the whole thing just thinking I was donating a little bit of money to a good cause. I wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen. It’s definitely worth it to give it a try.

Sounds like the trip was a knockout! Thanks everyone for supporting UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital and their work to help the most critically ill children with sophisticated, compassionate care.

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