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Winner Experience: Gal Gadot

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Winsum flew all the way from Hong Kong to meet the Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot. Get all the details on her night of wonder at the premiere and after-party and why she thinks she may be telepathically connected with Gal.

You’re a big Wonder Woman fan. How did you prepare once you found out you won?
A few days before the trip, I drew Gal a comic strip and I wrote a her letter as a little something from a dedicated fan. And I really wanted to put everything I wanted to say to her in that letter just in case I couldn’t express myself when I saw her. It was really great that I could personally hand her my little Wonder Woman comic and letter. Shockingly, the color that she wore at the premiere and the way she put her hair up into a bun at the LA premiere was exactly the same as the color of the dress and hairstyle I drew for her in my comic strip. So I was thinking to myself, “Am I like telepathic or something? Maybe Gal and I are connected mentally or something.” It was so crazy.

So cool! What was it like when you first got there?
It was a blue carpet to match with the Wonder Woman costume and the theme. Gal was just really kind, gracious and loving. I still remember her giving me a warm big hug at the premiere, and it was pretty cool that she remembered facts about me based on the Omaze profile that I submitted a few days before the trip. She genuinely wanted to get to know me, and I was honestly in awe and completely starstruck standing next to her because she was just so beautiful in her dress and it was just amazing.

What did you guys talk about?
When she first saw me, she asked me how I was, especially after my flight from Hong Kong. I told her the little bits and pieces about me, then basically told her that I am a super fan of hers and that she’s my role model, inspiration and I just really admire her so much. It was just amazing to get an opportunity to speak with her. She was actually the one that made me become obsessed with the character Wonder Woman, and now I have a giant collection of Wonder Woman everywhere in my room.

And how was the after-party?
We kind of got hungry during the film and we were hoping there would be food at the after-party. So when we got there, we just stuffed ourselves until we were full and have the energy to continue roaming around the premises to look for really cool people to chat with. I saw Lynda Carter, which was amazing. She was really kind when I spoke with her and was just so lovely to talk to. Near the end, I also spoke with Patty Jenkins, the director. I just expressed how I feel about the movie, saying that it was completely incredible. That was just kind of cherry on top I guess — being able to meet all these celebrities at this event.

What was the highlight of your night?
Definitely the first moment that I saw Gal and she gave me that hug. That was like my favorite moment, especially when one of the Omaze coordinators snapped a picture of her holding my hands. Every time I look back at that photo, I still get that jittery, happy feel.

If you could describe the whole night in one word, what would it be?
Wonder-tastic. I just made that up. It’s a combination of Wonder Woman and fantastic.

Anything for your fellow Gal fans and Omazers?
I’d been looking forward to seeing this movie since last year, but never thought I would actually be in LA and attend the world premiere! It was pretty insane and an incredible experience that I had no idea that I would actually win. I made that donation thinking, “I’ll just give it a try” and finding out that I won was just crazy. I’ve now been able to realize my dreams and meet my inspiration, Gal Gadot. Attending this premiere was definitely one of the top moments of my life and I’m very grateful!

A huge thank you to everyone for supporting Communities In School. You guys are all Wonder-tastic!

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