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Winner Experience: Earth Day with Jon Stewart

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How did you do your part on Earth Day? Your winner Sai flew to New York for a day of volunteering with Jon Stewart! Read all about his experience planting trees and chatting with this seriously funny guy.

What was your first impression of Jon Stewart?
My first thought was, “Oh snap, that’s Jon Stewart right there!” I’ve never met anyone who’s so charismatic and funny. We hit it off right off the bat. I was so impressed by him. When I left the event, he became my role model—a person I want to be someday.

What did you guys chat about?
We talked about The Daily Show, but we were mostly joking around and goofing off. We joked about the possibility of Jon Stewart 2020 and him running for president.

How was volunteering?
It was pretty cool to volunteer and plant trees, which I’ve never done in my whole life. It was incredible doing something for the first time.

We’ve got to know the story behind this photo.
It was pretty impromptu on Jon Stewart’s part. I think The Mission Continues’ photographer asked for a picture and we were just standing right next to him. Out of nowhere, Jon lifted his leg up! I didn’t know what to do so I just put my hand underneath him because I didn’t want him to fall. We were just laughing, and next thing we knew, we were holding him up and people were snapping pictures.

What was the highlight of the experience?
There was not one moment when Jon Stewart is not entertaining. It was definitely the first time Jon looked at me and was like, “Oh! That’s the winner,” and just came right up to say hello. It was jaw-dropping. Usually people go up to the celebrity, but Jon came up to me.

What’s one word to describe the whole experience?
Inspiring. I was inspired by the people volunteering at the event. Meeting the veterans, hearing their stories and them talking about a sense of community. Just hearing the stories from people who sacrificed a lot for our country.

Big thanks to everyone who supported The Mission Continues and their work empowering veterans who are adjusting to life at home and helping them find purpose through community impact.

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