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Winner Experience: Dinner with Timothy Olyphant and Conan O’Brien

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It doesn’t get much better than a delicious, four-course meal prepared by award-winning chefs—except when it’s shared with Timothy Olyphant and Conan O’Brien. Our celebrity sweepstakes winner Tracy and her husband devoured food, drinks and plenty of conversation.

How was your dinner with Tim and Conan?!
It was so much better than we could’ve imagined. For having never met these guys, it was like we were all best friends going out for dinner. It was just so comfortable with them, they were super nice.

The chatter, the stories, everything was just so personal and amazing. And the food, oh my gosh. The food was amazing, and a lot! There were four courses and the chefs came to the table and introduced all of it.

What was your favorite part of the meal?
I liked it all! The clams with sherry and garlic sauce was amazing, the spiced lamb chops, and the sweet potatoes. Everybody loved the sweet potatoes.

What did you talk about with Tim and Conan?
They were telling us about their backgrounds and we were telling them about ours. Conan and my husband got into sports and hockey chatter, then I listened to Tim talk about Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. There was just tons and tons of stuff to talk about.

Conan got up at one point and made a comment that he was going to head to the bathroom and he’d do a celebrity search on his way through. He literally did, through the entire place, then he came back and said, “Nope, nobody here.”

Except for Tim and Conan!
Exactly—we realize we were the ones with the celebrities at the restaurant!

Anything else you want to add?
It was awesome.That was above and beyond. Everything was just Omazing!

The meal sounds incredible and we’re so glad you guys had plenty to chat about. Thank you so much for supporting Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, raising money and awareness for childhood cancer causes.

You can live the dream too!

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