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Winner Experience: David Lynch Festival of Disruption

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Winner Robert R. headed to Los Angeles for a peak Twin Peak experience. He met David Lynch, bonded with Sheryl Lee and scored VIP tickets to David’s Festival of Disruption. Read on to hear more about his mind-blowing time.

What did your friends think when they found out you won?

They were in utter disbelief.

That sounds about right. How’d it all go?

From start to finish, the experience felt surreal in a great way and everyone I interacted with was amazing and so nice. Honestly it was breathtaking. Starting with a VIP LA experience at a great venue, and meeting a long-term idol alone would have been the prize. But to then be able to attend the whole weekend of art was beyond belief. AND then also get to meet Sheryl Lee on top of everything else? Insane.

What was the highlight moment from the weekend?

What David Lynch said to me after hearing my thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return: “You articulated that very well.”

What an honor! If you could sum the whole experience up in one word, what would it be?

Insanamazing (I know that’s not a word but that’s what it felt like).

Okay, we have a new favorite word. Any other standout moments?

David’s intro to the VIP event where instead of speaking about the Foundation, TM or his work, he instead read a flash fiction piece about a kid answering the phone and letting his mom know. Classic David Lynch.

Sheryl was so personable, sweet and genuine. She immediately put me at ease and felt like I could have talked to her for hours without fail.

How was the Festival of Disruption?

Amazing doesn’t do it justice. I look forward to going again on my own in the future. I went into it excited for the celebrity interactions, but personally looking for two things: inspiration to reignite my artistic endeavors, and learning more about transcendental meditation. Both happened. It was the right mix of art, film, music and just great energy to inspire me to pursue learning TM and get my writing/photography and filmmaking going. I was also able to meet some new friends and ended up hanging out with several! That broadened the experience further and I look forward to seeing them again when I’m in LA.

What did you talk about with David and Sheryl?

With David I just wanted to thank him for being a lifelong inspiration and share my top-level thoughts on Twin Peaks: The Return.

I had more time with Sheryl and we spoke at length about her performances, how gut-wrenching but truly Oscar-worthy her performance in Fire Walk with Me was and how she has the best scream in the business. That despite David Lynch not being explicitly a horror film director, his work has horror elements and horrific sequences and to my mind she’s our modern scream queen. She told me how much she appreciated that as she put a lot of work and effort into making her screams memorable.

Wow, we’re screaming just hearing that! Any final thoughts?

I was sure to tell all my friends about the David Lynch Foundation generally, but more specifically Omaze. Omaze helps charities and gives you the opportunity to experience amazing events and meet your favorite celebrities. Everyone wins truly—which is rare in this world.

Thanks, Robert. You’re insanamazing! And thanks to all of you for supporting the David Lynch Foundation and the transformative work they do for those affected by stress and trauma.

You can live the dream too!

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