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Winner Experience: Meet Daisy Ridley at the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Premiere

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We’ll let Simon explain it…

“It’s really difficult to pick the most memorable part. It was my very first time in the US. I got to see the newest Star Wars movie before anyone else, I got to meet all the different actors and go to an exclusive after-party! How can you possibly pick one thing? It was amazing and surreal—an experience of a lifetime.

We were allowed to attend the after-party which none of us expected! We were happy enough to just attend the premiere, but then we were blessed with this pleasant surprise. There were a lot of different actors and stars there, a lot from other Star wars projects and series, but some who were just genuine fans of the franchise, which was pretty cool to see… and I got to talk with them!

Since I won the Daisy Ridley experience I expected I’d only talk with her, but at the premiere I got the chance to talk to way more people than I thought. They were all really friendly and down to earth, and despite my nervousness and stutter they all took their time to make sure I (as well as the other winners) had a great experience. Funnily enough, after the screening of the film I met Chris Terrio (one of the co-writers of the movie) and asked him a couple questions regarding the movie and things I was confused about. He was really kind and answered all my questions with enthusiasm. He even remembered me from the red carpet and asked for my opinion.”

“Keep doing what you’re doing, Omaze! Thanks for everything—for making my dream trip come true and for helping those in need.”


Fun facts about Simon

Meet Simon! He’s a massive fan of Batman, he can speak 3 languages, he actually enjoys public speaking (?!) and he’s been a vegetarian for 12 years. Beyond that, he’s a HUGE Star Wars fan, and that’s how he was “introduced” to Daisy Ridley. He thought she was great in her role, but after seeing interviews with her and realizing how cool and down to earth she seemed, he checked out some other movies she’s been in… and now he’s a big fan of hers!


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