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Winner Experience: Chris Pine

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The last time Joel was in LA was 20 years ago. But earlier this year he flew back to Hollywood… this time to meet Chris Pine at the Wonder Woman premiere! Read all about it.

What was it like getting to meet Chris Pine on the blue carpet?
He came across like a very genuine person. He had made the movie “Hell or High Water,” which was filmed in Texas, so we talked a little bit about that. He said he had a relative who lived around the area where we lived, which was kind of strange, but cool. Getting pictures and videos was a lot of fun. And when we ended up in the theater, we were one row behind and about four seats left of where Gal was seated, so we kept looking over there from time to time. It was fun watching her reaction to seeing herself on the screen. Being in the packed theater with all the people who were in or worked on the movie made the energy level really amazing.

How was the after-party?
It was in an open-air, enclosed kind of a courtyard area, and there were some Wonder Woman costumes and we saw a few people from the movie around. We were getting some food and I got a text message letting us know that Chris wanted us to come back to his table. We were shocked that he wanted to see us again with all the people there. He seemed to be genuinely interested about what we thought about his movie so we talked about that. And then we talked about “Hell or High Water” because we are both huge fans of his performance in that movie.

Awesome! What was the highlight of the night?
The opportunity to see him again at the after-party was definitely the highlight, but the whole experience was really more than what I had anticipated.

Is there anything that you want to say to fellow fans and the Omaze community?
For people who think that only someone from a large population wins this or someone has to donate thousands of dollars: Both of those are not the case from our standpoint because our city is like 130,000 people and I’ve donated a few times for couple of other campaigns, but just a matter of a few hundred dollars total is what we’ve given. So for me, it’s just a great cause and a great concept where charities benefit from it and people have the chance to have some amazing experiences like we did.

A huge thank you to everyone for supporting Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center! Your donations will be used to invest in their new Emergency Services Department to serve patients with 21st century medical care, regardless of their ability to pay.

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