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Winner Experience: Big Slick Kansas City

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What does our winner Meg have in common with Paul Rudd, David Koechner, Eric Stonestreet and Rob Riggle? If you said they all grew up in Kansas City Area, you’re right! Meg and her brother joined four best friends for a big weekend at Big Slick. Get all the details on her all-star weekend.

What was it like when you got to the softball game?
Oh my God, it was amazing. We met Paul Rudd before going to the field. He gave me a big hug and that was just the start of everything. I grew up going to Kauffman Stadium and following the Royals, so the whole thing was just nothing I had experienced before. I got to pick my team and that was so surreal. I met everyone and they were all so nice and genuine. Everyone was joking around and I was so nervous and my brother was like, “You need to start breathing.” I was just trying to soak everything in.

Did you ever think that you would end up playing on the field at Kauffman Stadium?
Not ever in my life. I was never the athlete in the family. I loved watching sports growing up and I was always a baseball fan along with my brother and father. I actually ended up going to a batting cage that morning with my grandpa and brother to warm up! It was incredible.

How was it getting to bat?
All the practice at the batting cage paid off! I hit the ball, ran to first base and got a high five from James Van Der Beek. I never would’ve expected that to ever happen in my life.

What was the highlight of the game for you?
Probably playing in the outfield when I was joking around with Sarah Chalke. It was just two girls joking around with bunch of guys. At one point the ball rolled past me and it just looked like I had to get it. I was terrified and was like, “Oh my god. I didn’t know what to do. I feel like a girl.” And she was like, “Dude, you are a girl.” They’re normal people just like us. It was a lot of fun being on the field.

How were the rest of the Big Slick events?
Amazing. We got up Saturday morning and did the bowling tournament. We were just spectators for that. It was kind of cool to just stand back and watch them.

Saturday night was the auction. It was really amazing to see the culmination of the whole weekend. Then they invited me up to the stage and I sat on the couch up on the stage for the rest of the night next to Eric and the guys just joking around. We stayed on stage after the night concluded with the live band and everyone dancing and singing. James Van Der Beek got up stage and sang Green Day, and I LOVE Green Day so that was amazing. It was a perfect ending to the day. And at one point
Paul Rudd took my phone and started taking selfies with it, so I have this really epic selfie of me, Paul, Jason Sudeikis and my brother. It’s like the best selfie ever.

Do you have a favorite moment of the week?
I would say probably the beginning and the end. Walking up the steps on the field of Kaufmann Stadium, where I grew up with my dad and Royals was a dream come true. And to be there for such a great cause, it was an experience of a lifetime. I could not have been more grateful to be there and thankful for Omaze for giving me that opportunity.

And at the end, being there on the stage with everyone hugging me and congratulating me and having that camaraderie with everyone and seeing that number on the screen when the total amount raised came out, to know that I was a part of that, it was a great ending to a perfect weekend.

Describe the who experience in a few words.
It would be “dream come true.”

Thank you so much to everyone for supporting Children’s Mercy Kansas City and their incredible work providing care for children from birth through the age of 21.


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