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Experience Recap: Be Cyndi Lauper’s VIP in NYC

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We all just want to have fun—especially with Cyndi Lauper. For Christopher J. from Augusta, GA, that meant meeting Cyndi backstage at Home for the Holidays and then announcing her on stage! He’ll remember this weekend in NYC time after time (yes, we went there… couldn’t resist).

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 10.54.28 AM

What was your favorite part?
I have a few… First, having the opportunity to co-present with Carson Kressley and, together, introduce Cyndi prior to her encore presentation. Carson is a pro at hosting such celebrations and made the entire experience a lot of fun. Having the opportunity to hug Cyndi after the introduction as she walked out on stage and to thank her for all that she is doing for gay and transgender youth made the experience extremely memorable. And meeting Cyndi’s mom at the concert also made my day. Cyndi and her mom, Catrine, both have beautiful hearts. ❤️

What did your friends think when they found out you won?
It’s challenging not to tell others about the experience without them (joyously) freaking out.

How was the True Colors Fund gala?
True Colors Fund has amazing team members. I look forward to visiting their facilities on my next New York visit. The organization is making a local, regional and national impact to shape and change children’s lives. The two True Colors Fund ambassadors for the evening spoke of the important work that they are doing to change the tenor of our national conversation on gay and transgender individuals’ lives, challenges and opportunities. I’m an incredible fan of the Fund and its important work.


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