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Winner Experience: American Horror Story 2

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Amy and her friend got to fly to Los Angeles to visit the American Horror Story set, eat lunch with Evan Peters and shoot a walk-on role. Read on to hear more about her anything-but-horrible experience and stay tuned for photos after the finale airs!

So what did you do when you first got to LA?

I flew from New York with my ride or die bestie. When we landed at the airport, an American Horror Story van picked us up! We both looked at each other and said, “Is this really happening?!”

What was it like when you got to the set?

That main day was insane… in a good way! We went to Fox Studios, and we were blown away seeing all the stages get set up. They gave us our own trailer and everyone from the production team was really nice and accommodating. We got our hair and makeup done by the same people who work on the cast and we worked with the costume guy who was awesome!

Did you get a tour? What stood out to you?

I’ve never been on a movie set before, and I’ve seen every single AHS episode, so it was amazing to go inside Stage 6 and see sets that have been integral to the show. We got to go inside the restaurant, The Butchery. The attention to detail was incredible. It had a meat locker with hanging meat and I found out it’s just styrofoam! I asked to touch it, but they told me I would get fake blood all over me, so I behaved.

Did you see the main house?

Yes! It looked just like a regular house, like you could move in. It was beautiful and exceptionally designed.

What was lunch with Evan Peters like?

He was lovely! He was very chill and a lot of fun. We talked about movies and my music background. He was gracious to everybody and he hung out with us as long as he could. He posed for pictures with us and answered any questions we had.

Did you meet anyone else from the cast?

While we were eating, Adina Porter came over and introduced herself (she didn’t have to, we knew who she was!). I fangirled a bit, because I’ve loved her since she was on True Blood. She hung out with us throughout the day. Then, during a break from shooting that night, Sarah Paulson found us and immediately gave us a hug. We got to goof off with her for a bit. It was nice to see how down-to-earth she is, considering all her accomplishments.

What surprised you the most about meeting everyone?

Everybody on the cast was amazing. They do great work and they respect everybody. They were great with us. They really treated us like we were part of things, which I appreciated.

What was it like shooting your walk-on role?

I can’t talk about the scene itself (no spoilers!), but it was incredible. We filmed from 6:30pm until 3am. It was a long day, but we got to hang out at craft services and take breaks. I loved it because I got to see all the moving parts that have to come together just for one scene.

Did anything surprising happen?

At the end of the night, while we were waiting for our Uber, we heard someone yell, “Hey!” out of nowhere. This was 3am, in the pitch black. And then the voice goes, “Hey, it’s Sarah!” and a car pulls up and it’s Sarah Paulson! She told us it was great meeting us and she hoped we had a good time. It was a great moment!

Overall, how would you describe the experience?

This was honestly one of the coolest days of my life. I’ve been blessed, I’ve had a lot of really great days, but this one definitely is at the top of them! Just getting to be a part of it, even for a moment, was so special to me. And it’s something I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life.

Do you have any final thoughts for your fellow Omazers in the community, and fans of American Horror Story?

I saw that it was for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles so I donated some money, but I didn’t think I had a chance of winning! It was all a blur but it was one of the best blurs ever! Everything was seamless from start to finish.

Thanks, Amy! And thanks to you for supporting Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and their effort to provide the most advanced care, delivered by compassionate caregivers who know how to address a child’s medical and emotional needs.

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